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Favorite current player: I'm hoping it turns into A.Kostitsyn but I am waiting on his first 80 point season
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  • Comment on Markov makes Pittsburgh trip (2010-05-08 02:24:02)

    Avtsin is coming to North America next year. It would be nice to see him, in time, turn into a great goal scorer for the Habs; not sure that 9 points in 30 games in the KHL makes it likely.


  • Comment on Darche skating with Gomez, Gionta (2010-03-29 16:31:33)

    I have seen him take some plays off but I don't think he has played weak in the defensive zone and he has been back checking and covering. He has not been scoring as much though he has been picking up assists. I noticed the opposing team is covering him better in the slot and tying up his stick and that he is the recipient of a high number of terrible passes; that said I do see him make bad passes to Gionta and Gomez when he should shoot or move the puck forward. Gomez and Gionta look for one another first and the line chemistry would be much better if that wasn't always the case.

    Sometimes he does seem like he has less energy than before and that could be the excitement having worn off or the wear of playing a full NHL season, this being his first. He has dealt with injuries and recovered over the Olympic break but maybe something is stil hurting him. However I like Pouliot a lot, believe he is one of the Habs better players and look forward to him getting better.


  • Comment on Darche skating with Gomez, Gionta (2010-03-29 12:28:35)

    I think Pouliot has been playing ok. He seems to have had a lot of giveaways lately but in my opinion that is generally due to the idiotic passes he is getting, the passes are either in his skates, behind him or when he is completely covered.

  • Comment on Darche skating with Gomez, Gionta (2010-03-29 12:25:14)

    Put Maxwell in between Pouliot and SK74. Give Lapierre a tray of hot dogs and let him sell them in the stands.

    Anyone know if there is a reason the team is keeping Maxwell up to sit in the press box? I am sure he appreciates the bigger paycheck but actually playing for the Bulldogs as they close out the season and get ready for the playoffs should be more beneficial than praciticing with the Habs and not playing. If they need him because of injury he can make it back from Hamilton in time for the next game so I don't get it because I do not hink he needs to be waived or exposed to go back down.

  • Comment on Metro hopes he’s not done as a Canadien (2010-03-28 20:51:00)

    A lot of heart but he's not been playing as well over the last half of the year. Letting him go and making room for someone from the Bulldogs, who can offer more upside, is the way to go. Though I would keep Metro over Lapierre, clearly I am hoping Lapierre is gone!

  • Comment on Halak, Moen, Lapierre in; Darche, Metro sit (2010-03-25 14:04:42)

    That is just a dumb statement. Maybe you missed the game last night as well as his other starts. Maybe you missed the defence playing like 6 year olds in front of him for the last 3 minutes not to mention too many of his games.

  • Comment on Halak, Moen, Lapierre in; Darche, Metro sit (2010-03-25 12:55:34)

    Price isn't a back up. JM is ruining Price's career because JM is an idiot!

    Great coaching at the close of last night's game, nice use of a timeout after the first goal!

  • Comment on Halak, Moen, Lapierre in; Darche, Metro sit (2010-03-25 12:49:25)

    JM sucks as a coach and it would be well worth missing the playoffs if it would guarantee his being fired. The guy makes me want to stop watching the team as well as jump through my TV and ring is neck.

    I believe the vision is to promote Boucher from Hamitlon to be the next head coach of the Habs and if they keep Martin around for more than next year they may not get the chance as some other team will probably pursue him. So hopefully JM can be shown the door really soon, for Saturday would be great!



  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-27 00:25:30)
    You have to like to S.Kostitsyn's game, he's feisty and I think he will easily be a 60 point guy next season. He isn't a big guy who will clobber anyone but he finishes checks, stands up for himself and his teammates and sees the ice. I think the kid may end up being great and a regular 100 point guy. A.Kostitsyn could hit 60 this year and again he is getting better, gaining confidence and playing the body more.
  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-27 00:19:09)
    Have some faith!! Why look at the class half empty, look at the half full and hope/believe/expect the young Habs will pick their game up for the playoffs! Go Habs!