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  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-21 20:24:11)
    I think there are too many people being to cautious. Remember what it took in 86 and 93 with two average teams, and one very good goaltender. Look at what happened against Boston. I think they're heavily underrated which could work in their favor this year. The neat thing, as the say when you make it to the playoffs, anything can happen. They're better than the Rangers going into this year. They're better than the Bruins, they've proven that, Chara is one year older. As much as Gorges was loved in Montreal, the team is better without him, they have better balance, better size, better puck moving, and they're stronger and more balanced up front, one big player away from making them to tough to play against in the east. Price is the best goaltender in the league, it's not as some might say and the improvment on D will show in a big way for him. Puck possession will improve this year, and Gally and Chucky are in their second full year. There's two big guys that can step in and considering where they've been with less size, I wouldn't be surprised to see them fight it out with some of the best in the west now. This team didn't remain flat, they upgraded, and leadership, especially Gionta and Gorges, is overrated considering the experience this team has now. There is too much character on this team for them to crumble like a lot of the hockey "predictors" are predicting. The biggest difference maker will be Price. May this francise return to glory!!!
  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 15:12:14)
    When can we start friendly wagers on when the clock strikes midnight for Mike T? The vultures are circling. I say it takes 10 days after the Olympics. Share your thoughts. Thanks.
  • Comment on Emelin skates in full gear; McCarron returned to junior (2013-09-22 20:42:59)
    Hit the toronto falling slug
  • Comment on Emelin skates in full gear; McCarron returned to junior (2013-09-22 17:30:37)
    Who let this guy on here? Go home dreamer. What a joke. Every Habs fan can laugh now. Pathetic. Everyone vote, do the falling fragile leafs make the playoffs? Start the beat down!
  • Comment on Subban will win Norris Trophy: report; Melanson bashes Price (2013-06-11 12:24:51)
    Couldn't agree more with Rollie; I've been saying it for the last two years. Groulx was the worst goaltending coach the team has seen, probably one of the worst in the league period. When you practice bad habits, the results will continue to get worse. The amazing thing is, for a goaltender with his size, this is the smallest I've seen him this year. Crouched and compact with bad positioning, no reliance on athleticism what so ever. Carey Price has not been aloud to use his skill and reflexes with Pierre Groulx. Groulx calling was not to be a goaltending coach in this life time and it's shown. Rollie was the best coach Price has worked with. I've seen a couple of practices when I've been back in town, Groulx creates such a lazy environment for the goaltenders. Guidance is something Price needs, someone who can bring out the intensity needed to be a winner. This has been a serious joke and an absolute waste the last 4 years. I can't believe it took this long to figure this out. He would have been gone as soon as the numbers started to slide if I was in any position of power. Get someone that has some smarts for the coaching position, someone who knows what's needed. Good luck guys, you're going to need it to find that person. By the way, I don't believe anything that comes out of Sportsnet; you haven't heard anything on TSN yet, have you? The winner of the Norris, or any other trophy hasn't been announced yet, so as far as I'm concerned, there is no winner yet. PK had a great year, but he isn't a Norris winner yet. We'll find out the truth on Saturday.
  • Comment on ‘Funnest’ game ever for Habs’ Gallagher (2013-03-28 12:07:41)
    I haven't been here for a while, but why don't we nickname Gallagher the tasmanian devil? There is no quit with this kid and it matches. Boston can have their little ball of hate, we have the tazzie devil! May this francise return to glory!!!
  • Comment on Back to work (2012-01-24 10:41:00)
    Trade PK? Wow, this just shows how the french media runs the team. Trade a second year NHL d-man with potential to burn? Makes sense to me, morons in the french media. That's part of the reason why this team is useless. No patience means no potential. Will you look around the league at all of the players they've given up on way to early? Why don't we start a trade Price campain while we're at it. Heck, that might be good enough to get Garon and make everyone happy on the french side. Lets trade PK straight up for Robidas. That makes sense, doesn't it? Maybe that will be the little push I need to start cheering for the Flames full time. Or maybe I'll start cheering for the Leafs because their GM has a decent set of ba**. Maybe because I won't have to listen to a guy like Francois Gagnon dictate the pace of what's going to take place in Montreal. Maybe he can start a rumour too when it comes to PK, and maybe he can throw Price under the bus too while he's at it. I could see something coming out of this low 5 thing that Price and PK have. Am I surprised about what's coming out? No, the lack of intelligence in the french media doesn't surprise me because they all go to the National Enquirer school of journalism. Gotta love it, the press lives for years like this, it sells more copies, and it looks even better when they influence something.
  • Comment on A fan weighs in (2012-01-13 18:41:25)
    How right he is. Too sad that most of you are not motivated enough to consider the ending to what Andrew Cohen said. They got lucky a couple of years ago. This has been a mediocre team at best for the last almost 2 decades now. There has been no vision, no insite into how to build a proper team, right down to drafting the player best at his position for the draft. Consider this, when the need has been to draft a skilled forward with size, why keep drafting defensemen and a goaltender? How do you get away with drafting Kostitsyn instead of Carter? How do you trade so poorly without getting other teams to compete? Point in one direction. The last GM to win a Stanley Cup, to be worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the best in the NHL is Serge Savard. If you ask me, I think too many within the organization are drinking to many Molson products. I guess that's the perks that go with working within the organization. I was there when they opened up the Molson/Bell centre, working as a barman in Ovation, the restaurant before they changed the name. More times than not, Cournoyer and Lambert were getting drunk, I mean real drunk, after each home game. The quality the team has, they get rid of. The cr*p they keep. Can anyone tell me, what is the plan that the current management has for this team. What is the goal? To compete for 8th place? My disappointment stems as deep as Andrew Cohen and good for him for speaking the way I've felt for years. As well, this team, in case no one has noticed, has been run by the french media. Can anyone donate a backbone to these people? For the first time ever, my support wanes. Arrogance is what stops people and organizations from being the best. Call a spade a spade, this team hasn't been close to the best for a very long time. They had a very good, if not excellent coach in Guy Carbonneau, but they found a way to screw that up. Who fires a coach 11 games over .500? It's one disappointment after another. Look at it for what it is, it will take 10 years to rebuild into anything decent. Keep being distorted and it will never happen. Keep Gauthier, resign Gomez to an extension, it's the direction this team is going in. Thank you Jeff Molson, for thinking you're on the "Yellow Brick Road".
  • Comment on Chewing over the latest L (2011-10-25 16:17:12)
    Sorry, have to write this one. The team is crumbling like the city. For what I have seen, there has been a band aid program for about 18 year or more with this team, desparation to just stay in the playoffs, not a team with a plan. They got lucky for the last couple of years and reality is finally setting in. Sorry, I have voiced my complaints in the past, but I can finally say, I told you so. I have tried to put a postive spin on this team, but even if they are able to get past win number one, they are totally messed for the rest of the year. You can't possibly believe that this team will even come close to making the playoffs, time to cut your losses, make the right management moves and put a proper plan in place. I'm fed up with the lack of power on this team, a team full of smurfs, with no balance, no real game plan and only a couple of bright spots. Jeff, if you're listening, I could do a better job than this in 2 years. It will take more than that, but you have to have a solid plan, and scrapping the team they had to start 4 years ago to rebuild with the lack of size they have now doesn't work. I don't care how fast you are, there isn't enough room on the ice to make that much of a diffrence. At least, at this pace, you can bank on a top 5 pick. It's something that's been needed since Price. Good luck habs, on the ride to the bottom of the league..... oh, I forgot, they're already there. RIP: 2011-2012
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Habs goalie Price (2011-04-11 12:00:58)
    Let this guy rot with his tickets until he changes his tag.