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  • Comment on Who are you? (2011-01-19 10:17:34)

    You guys get free tickets to every game - and I have to pay for my tickets. I think *you* should be sending *me* to Barbados.

    I'll buy the drinks though :)

  • Comment on Lundqvist, Price: Full-contact goaltending (2011-01-17 14:35:13)

    Yes, they are booted. NHL Rule 27.5:

    27.5 Match Penalty to Goalkeeper – Should a goalkeeper incur a match penalty, his place will then be taken by a member of his own Club, or by a substitute goalkeeper who is available, and such player will be allowed the goalkeeper’s full equipment.

    The match penalty, and any additional penalties assessed to the goalkeeper, shall be served immediately by a member of the team on the ice when the offenses were committed. This player shall be designated by the Manager or Coach of the offending team through the Captain. However, when the match penalty is coincidental with a match or major penalty to the opposing team, no player is required to proceed to the penalty bench to serve the goalkeeper’s match penalty.

  • Comment on Lundqvist, Price: Full-contact goaltending (2011-01-17 10:41:41)

    I would love to see reporters in the ref's locker room - or the ref's reports of the game made public. In this case, I'd like to see what the referees were thinking in ignoring Lundqvist's attack and giving the rangers a PP.

    The NHL doesn't want people to go after the refs, but I think if there was this transparency, holding ref's more accountable, they may try and make wiser decisions.

  • Comment on Kostopoulos suspended, Higgins OK to go (2007-11-19 14:53:36)
    RDS is available on both Rogers and Bell in the GTA. You need to get the full French package, I think it's about $6 which is well-worth it considering you get every game! And as others have said, Sportsnet will have it en Englais as well.