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  • Comment on Quick Hits/About Sunday evening … (2011-03-21 13:25:26)
    I've been thinking the same thing brother.
  • Comment on Lundqvist, Price: Full-contact goaltending (2011-01-17 13:31:26)

    Hey you stole my picture....

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-17 12:09:52)

    Ricardamundo... Great letter to the powers that be at CBC. I also lament the direction that CBC has gone regarding our national sport.. They  are Toronto centric and will not change. Why not watch all the games on RDS. As you say, commentary is much better, balanced and no Leafs bias and no Don Cherry.....and the real Hockey Night in Canada theme music.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 7: Eastern final, here we come (2010-05-12 16:28:22)

    Really, do you think after the way this team has been coached that Martin or the Habs medical staff would make a stupid mistake of sending out a player who was not ready for action? Come on. If they are on the ice, they will be ready, willing and able.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 7: Eastern final, here we come (2010-05-12 16:23:39)
    Regarding tonight's game, . While the Penguins showed some brilliant plays
    in Montreal's zone on Monday night. Great puck handling and we know
    they have talent...on paper, no one Pen has shone during
    this series except for Fleury who is on and off. Now is Crosby angry, as
    some journalists would have it, or is he frustrated.
    I say frustrated, which is great for us. Gorges, Subban and Plekanec
    have gotten under his skin. The Habs have nothing to prove...
    and they have shown that they thrive under pressure...They will be
    looser than the Pens and I think they are better coached than the Pens.
    Look for the Pens to go after Cammelleri.It could get ugly. The Habs
    have shown way more character in the playoffs that either the Caps or
    the Pens.
    Looking for big things from Big K ( like leveling Stall and setting up
    Cammy) and Lapierre who is playing at the top of his game, ankle surgery
    finally becoming a non-issue
    Habs have the psychological edge.....
    Habs in 7......................then again, It could come down to who
    gets the bounces..........................................and who refs
    the game................
    It's been a great ride so far.....we can only hope it
    continues and the genius of Gainey continues to get greater recognition.