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  • Comment on THN predicts Habs will finish in 13th place (2012-08-20 14:31:51)
    THN is such a joke. When was the last time their predictions were even close to correct? I don't know why anyone puts stock in anything that they say.
  • Comment on Martin F. (2010-10-21 21:50:23)

    I love how there are idiots on here who are actually blaming Price for any of these goals tonight. GET REAL PEOPLE!!!! Price is not at fault for anything tonight. The only thing Price should be blamed for is that this game isn't 6-0. Maybe you all should look at the offense and see that every single shot is from the blueline. Offense hasn't looked very good tonight.

    Get off Price. People are saying all of the sudden "I am not a Price fan" but i bet you were the same person that was praising him the other day when we won both games this weekend.

    Watch the game and stop disecting everything Price does.

  • Comment on Voices (2010-09-26 12:13:49)

    ITS PRESEASON!!!!!!!!!

    He is trying to get everyone in the frame of mind to relax and not overreact.

  • Comment on A work in progress (2010-09-25 22:22:37)
    PRE SEASON PRICE HATERS!!!! PRE F'N SEASON!!!!! Defence was absolutely terrible tonight. Spacek was bad and playing with 5 defence for the majority of the game in the preseason has to be hard on everyone. I was at the game and we looked horrible but playing against a virtually full sens team is how we should have looked with only a few guys in the lineup. 4 more pre season games so everyone relax and realize when the season starts for real.
  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 17:53:46)
    I say we try and trade AK and SK and a pick or prospect for Horton, not sure how possible that is but I would like to see those 2 guys for him. Let Pleks walk and go after Frolov. This may allow us to re-sign both goalies and if not then I would trade Halak for a youngish defenceman. Frolov, Horton, Camm Pouliot Gomez Gio MaxPac Laps White insert pluggers here Markov Gorges Spacek Hamr/Or defenceman from Halak trade Gill PK Price Cheap veteran backup
  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 17:50:02)

    Then why do you not have a girl with a tampa shirt on as your pick?? There is tons of room on Tampa's bandwagon, in fact you would probably be driving the wagon.

  • Comment on That’s why they’re the champs (2010-05-04 22:08:06)

    Blown call by the refs in pittsburgh zone we cough up the puck, Pens go down get a PP and score on it. Game over! Also I would like to know why that offside near the end of the game came right down outside our blue line!!?? Didn't deserve to win didn't deserve to lose.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-17 23:35:42)

    Boone usually I agree with the stuff you say but I will disagree with your comment of "skill won this game" because skill did not win this game, terrible officiating won this game. The Caps 2nd, 3rd, and 4th goal should not have counted. Yet give a guy a measly little slash that breaks and stick that would have broken anyways and you get a penalty. BS!!! And on the play where Halak was being dragged out of the net how do you not call a goaltender interference penalty on that? And then the puck is down at the other end 10 seconds later and Camm takes a slashing penalty. Come on!! There may or may not be a conspirancy but hey it would be a disaster for the NHL to lose the Caps in the first round.