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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-10 08:21:48)
    This is true, however Orpik was taking some cheap shots too which went uncalled, however PAP little tap for the slash. Two plays in particular should have been called. The hit on Eller when he was no where near the puck and the hit from behind on DD in front of the net
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-10 08:19:25)
    Didnt see the third period, but first two to me were meh. Yes they played a better 2nd than first,but who couldnt? That first was dreadful. Not to be unexpected thought. Team played and traveled the night before and were up agaisnt an energy packed team and building playing their home-opener. The habs do need to shake off these slow starts. Two in a row though. Cant really rely on the goalies to bail them out, they will have off nights every so often as well. On to philly, start 3-0
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one (2014-10-08 22:52:50)
    Well its a great thing that the leaf-centricism from CBC has firmly been trasplanted on Rogers after one game, althought living in toronto i already know all about the leafs biased. All i heard was the talk about Percy and Kozun. I was sick of it about 10 mins into the first period. Two rookies, sure had good games, but will not maintain this and will be healthy scratches before long. Secondly, Hughson consistently saying "hiding" Weaver and Bealieu. Bealieu is a top 4 d-man on this team, Weaver is a great penalty killer. Ya he was beaten on Bozak goal but half blame goes to Markov. Overall good first game, but Habs can be better and we all know that. Not a good first period. What i liked was the boys played. I dont recall any scrums after whistles.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one (2014-10-08 19:18:30)
    I went to a leafs habs home opener a few years ago in Toronto, it is really not that nice of an atmosphere. It was subdued all night. Also to the the Leafs bias on sportsnet. I ave a friend who works for TSN and he told me that next year the TSN regional games increased significantly so something like 60 games. SO rogers only gets their saturday nights game. I bet they are pretty ticked about taht one. Mite see even more national habs games next year
  • Comment on Habs make Jacob de la Rose their final cut before season opener (2014-10-07 20:45:59)
    If you buy the center ice package through your cable/satellite package you will get all the regional games, even if you are not in the regional. For example, living in Toronto you will get all regional habs games in English (i think you pay more for the french center ice package). The only time games are blacked out on NHL center ice is when the games are on national TV. For example tomorrow night. The game will be broadcasted nationally so it wont be on center ice. Same for Thursday night. So basically on any given night you will need to search to see what channel the game is on. It may be on CBC, Sportsnet, Sportsnet 1, Sportsnet 360, City Tv or FX. Failing that it will be on center ice package.
  • Comment on Habs make Jacob de la Rose their final cut before season opener (2014-10-07 20:32:39)
    So am i missing something here or is Tampa Bay supposed to be amazing again this year? Watching the TSN season preview they predicted Habs to finish 3rd in the Atlantic. Im assuming behind Boston and Tampa. So why is Tampa going to be better or as good as last year? I think they are worse. No St.Louis, Thompson, Purcell, Malone etc. i just dont see it. I think they got worse (so did Boston). Sure they have Drouin coming in, but he is a rookie and will be good, but again a rookie and wont be stellar as he is in junior
  • Comment on Liveblog : Canadiens suffer first preseason loss, 2-0 to Caps (2014-09-29 08:02:58)
    I think this is quite funny.... The New Jersey ex-habs, can have a line of Ryder-Gomez-Cami Kaberle-Komisarek
  • Comment on Liveblog : Canadiens suffer first preseason loss, 2-0 to Caps (2014-09-29 08:00:21)
    Is this whats going to happen all season whenever Subban makes a mistake. My god! Crosby, Toews, etc make mistakes, relax No wonder ppl dont want to play in Montreal
  • Comment on Liveblog : Canadiens suffer first preseason loss, 2-0 to Caps (2014-09-29 07:58:29)
    It is just one of those big hit situations were the refs have to call a penalty. It has come to a very sad state where big hits now are automatically called a penalty even when they are clean. A shoulder check with no head contact and he got 5 for elbowing. Not to mention it was the back ref who called it as well, front ref who was right there didnt raise a hand as he had a better view of it and realized it was just a clean thunderous hit.....
  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-11 19:10:48)
    Where Reway?