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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-29 11:22:40)
    Habs had a good game last night but the Rangers played it like they were the road team. I was wondering why DD and Gionta were on the pp at one point, that has to be on MT. Also on a 2 on 1 DD makes a terrible play, just shoots it wide, opportunity wasted. One funny moment lining up for face off The Ranger Center bent over for face off and he's stilling bigger then D
  • Comment on Gallagher proving again that size isn’t everything (2013-03-07 11:26:40)
    all this talk about fighting in hockey and that the Habs don't need one...Bruins & Philly always rough up the Habs and there isn't anything anyone can do, sorry Prust does not count as heavyweight, he scares no one. Habs need a fighter and a dam tough one at that. MB should inquire about getting Dustin Byfuglien from Wpg, Buff wants out and go to a contender, he would take care of Lucic guaranteed and Chara would not manhandle him like he's a rag doll, Philly does not rough it up when they play Wpg like they do to Habs...and the worse thing of all is now the Leafs are playing the Habs like this too...unreal, John Ferguson must be turning over in his grave
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-20 12:14:51)
    I agree, Cole should sit out a game or two. I saw the Habs in Wpg last year 4-0 Jets win, Cole impressed me the most with his speed and size, definitely not the same player this year...
  • Comment on Round 3, Game 5: Playoff run ends in Philly (2010-05-24 21:56:45)

    Pleks sucked, can't handle rough and tumble hockey...let him sign somewhere else

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 7: Eastern final, here we come (2010-05-12 11:54:58)

    Why Montreal will win:


    Pittsburgh; Crosby, Malkin, Stall, Guerin, Gonchar (5)

    Montreal; Cammellairi, Kostichyn, Plekanec, Gionta, Gomez, Lapierre, Subban (7)


    Montreal; Halak (1)

    Pittsburgh; (0)

    Final Score: Montreal 8  Pittsburgh 5

  • Comment on Read all about it (2010-05-03 12:12:55)

    Congrats to the best team in the world, whatever happens we are on our way back up. JM, please put SK74 back in the line-up, guaranteed he will play his heart out and also AK46, all he needs is one shot and MA Fleury is one game from losing his or his team's confidence in him. It's in your reach JM don't mess it up by keeping out the Kost's and Metro. Listen to the people, look how calling up Subban worked after the fans have been calling for him all season.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 7: History was written in Washington (2010-04-29 00:09:22)

    The Hockey God's have struck down O-choken, because of his hit on Campbell and his snow shower on the little Montreal Canadien and I don't mean Brian Gionta, ha ha and keep the change, you filthy animal....

  • Comment on Home-ice playoff skid hits five games (2010-04-20 13:11:44)

    The last couple of games in the regular season, and the last two playoff games are the reasons why Price is the goalie of the future. Halak has given the Caps confidence, he is done for the series. If JM goes with Halak for game 4, you will all see for yourselves. Halak is a back-up or platoon goalie at best, let's leave it at that. Also I hope this series is the last of JM, and Lapierre. Lapierre is pulling his annual playoff disappearing act, he did last year, he is only a perimeter player at his best. Defense is backing in too far and we need that forward coming back with the Cap looking for rebounds. Overall there is not much left to do but just hope for the best, the Caps are just too strong...Good Luck.

  • Comment on Audio: Metro game-time decision for Game 3 (2010-04-18 12:43:41)

    Why is Bugs allowed to post so much? Better yet, why is he allowed to post at all? Get your own page, you blowhard...

  • Comment on Game 82: Habs are in the playoffs … barely (2010-04-10 22:22:22)

    This is Halak's second bad game, maybe he can't take the pressure. Maybe backup is his role, he didn't look confident out there and why is he so far back in the crease, the same as his shootout loss. JM, how could you sit out SK74, bad coaching for for two years now. Anyways I hope the Habs get New Jersey, Brodeur should be easier than Miller, good luck Habs. Martin, your a bad coach with a bad hairstyle...