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  • Comment on Game 46: Subban rescues Habs with OT winner (2011-01-17 22:17:47)

    Well I had the OT part right, just the wrong score!Have to solve this lead snafu situation and quickly.

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  • Comment on Game 46: Subban rescues Habs with OT winner (2011-01-17 19:44:42)

    Another one that I won't see here in Halifax, but I have faith in a 3-2 OT win!


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  • Comment on Read all about it (2011-01-16 12:42:13)

    Just looking at some stats on the leaderboard on TSN. We do not have any player in the Top 30 (front page) in Goals, Assists, Points, +/-, PPG, SHG. WE have a few tied with the bottom guy in the Top 30 but nobody on any of the front pages. Obviously, Naslund and Richer's 100pt/50g plateau slumps go yet another year, but this is crazy.



  • Comment on Habs take it easy (2011-01-13 18:34:06)

    Time to regroup and get healthy. Cammy back will help. Looking at the roster I see Darche, Eller, Moen, Halpern (since the game #10 mark),  & Pyatt. I like a lot of these guys, but its overkill. In my opinion Eller needs more minutes and isnt a 4th line guy. He hasn't produced and maybe should go down if The Count is going to use him the way he is. Next, if Darche is getting more than 9-10 minutes because he is outworking everyone, then you have work-ethic problems. Moen has been useless. If you dont score, dont take faceoffs, dont fight, and don't check like you used to, there is no room for you. We have too many guys who should be 4th line guys at best. Boyd and White could be up here to do the same. I have been an AK46 fan, but the heart is gone. We need another 1st-2nd line player for him (and a prospect perhaps), then package one of these bottom line guys with a young D for another 2nd-3rd line guy.

    As for the defence, I have never liked Picard, and Weber is really showing me nothing. Easily knocked off of the puck, players dance around him.

    As much as I am sounding like a Negative Nelly, the bottom line is this team was assembled and had the personel of an attacking team. Then we hired a dinosaur coach who is allergic to excitement.



  • Comment on Gorges “missing” ACL for 7 years (2011-01-07 16:34:28)

    I dont think that ATL is sending Anthony Stewart anywhere, especailly for a package of players surrounding AK. I would love to get those 2, but we would have to give them quite the haul. They are tuning up for a playoff run and will need those guys. Stewart is still a youngster and really coming into his own.


    As for the Columbus duo, that maybe a little easier to pull off. However, AK might have to be an add-on to something bigger. Umberger is a very respected guy in that yong locker-room from what I hear on their telecasts.


    Salo is interesting, but he NEVER stays healthy. Bieksa has had a rough ride of late as well with the injuries.

    Andy Sutton is another guy that I forgot about in my earlier post. Big, hits, blocks shots



  • Comment on Gorges “missing” ACL for 7 years (2011-01-07 15:35:06)

    Tough loss to the blueline. I have been thinking about possible moves that I would love to see. I want a big Dman who hits, and blocks shots. Obviously we need a power forward. So here is what I would like to see.

    1. Sign Brendan Witt. Isles bought him out. Would be a great partner for Webber/Subban. Would also give us toughness. Dont know where he is playing this year. I would like a BETTER/younger version, but if its not available we could get Witt on the CHEAP.

    2. Trade for Penner & Peckham from the Oilers. Kills 2 birds with one stone. I dont know if we would have the assets to pull this off, but I would love it if we could.

    3. Low-end/High-end/Dream names - Jovanovski, Commodore, Arnott, Regher, Iginla, Bouwmeester, Umberger, Clarkson, Bieksa




  • Comment on AK46, Weber return; Subban, Pouliot scratched (2010-12-23 14:40:45)

    I hate when we lose. I become very angry inside (well not really, but I loathe leaf fans who dont let me hear the end of it), and think of the days when we had those mid-late 80's teams. As much as I want to win, I would trade a MONTH of losing, to get JM out as coach. I said it when we signed the speedsters and placed him as coach. Dinosaur coaches are gone, young minds and philosophies are in.


    http://stores.ebay.com/Gushue-Sports-Cards  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRMFshp16J8

  • Comment on Game 34: Canadiens fall to Stars (2010-12-22 09:32:52)

    I didn't see the game last but from what I am reading from my fellow Habs fans, its cementing the points of contention that I have with this team.

    #1. JM is a terrible coach in this day in age. Hell Scotty Bowman even said that his own style was now in the past. Young, fresh minded coaches is where the success in the NHL is coming from. Dinosaurs like Wilson, Quinn, and Martin should be faded out.

    #2. Picard and his +/- rating are severly over-rated. I think that he is horrible (I always have) and he makes Subban look even worse because of his own poor decision making and getting caught pinching at the wrong times. Put PK with Hamrlik and leave him alone. Put Weber with Spacek. (Spacek is brutal, but he is better than Picard).

    #3. When a line is working or has worked, keep them together. Pleks/Cammy/AK46 should have never been split in the first place.

    #4. I am not stating anything that I don't always state so I am not throwing these guys under the bus after a few loses. But, I do agree with many of the other fans and believe that we need to bring in a guy like Langenbrunner, Arnott, Cole, Clowe, Penner, etc. A big body with a bit of touch that will clog up the crease/slot.



  • Comment on Game 33: Habs open road trip with loss (2010-12-19 18:22:02)

    1. Langenbrunner

    2. Bieksa

    3. Ron Maclean

    4. If Martin is the coach the next 3 years - yes

    5. Finals if we trade for some bangers up front



  • Comment on Stastny returns to Avs lineup (2010-12-19 14:14:33)

    Big game tonight, and one we should win. With all of the injuries that the Avs have, we have to take advantage. I am looking for a 2 goal performance from the captain tonight! (4-2 MTL) Go Habs Go!