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  • Comment on France vs. Mexico: Let’s do it again (2010-06-17 14:59:35)

    Ya team 990 confirmed it, Halak to Blues

  • Comment on France vs. Mexico: Let’s do it again (2010-06-17 14:55:46)

    halak traded according to rds  http://www.rds.ca/



  • Comment on Pronger strikes back (2010-06-12 16:14:10)

    Just took a look at habs drafting history and suggest you do as well. Every year the habs have used their first round pick on a guy of over 6 feet, passing up on smaller skilled players such as zach parise, simon gagne, michael cammalerri and brian gionta, to name a few. Then lets take a look at the larger dmen habs have drafted in the first round, mcdonagh and fischer really panned out didn't they? Subban was under 6 feet when we drafted him in the 2nd round, he's clearly lagging behind those mamoths, right?

    Drafting is very unpredictable, but I am willing to take a risk on a small player, schwartz is 5'10 at 17 yrs old, who has tremendous offensive talent and work ethic, hes a canadian kid btw, rather then drafting another big guy who can't skate for his life or who has no hockey sense whatsoever.

    For those who know nothing about Jaden, he posted 83 pts this year, his rookie year, in the ushl on a very average team that scraped into the playoffs on the last game of the season because Jaden had a 3 point game. Jaden contributed to almost 50% of his teams offense and had nearly twice as many points as his next best linemate. For a comparison, danny kristo had 58 pts in the ushl playing on the same line as louis leblanc who had 59 pts.

    I am pretty sure that Schwartz' 83 pts this year is the greatest in the ushl since Vanek who had 91 pts in 2001-2002, Vanek was in his third year at the time.

    The only players i would consider taking ahead of schwartz, out of those who may still be there at 27, are Nick Bjugstad and Beau Bennet.

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  • Comment on Round 1, Game 4: Capitals in command of series (2010-04-22 00:28:22)

    ?and in washington everyone is perfect, nobody curses, nobody spits its a perfect world. The world is filled with idiots, get used to it. Those idiots also tend to be the loudest ones. What Ovechkin did was a stupid thing, maybe he didnt realise the kid suffered from cancer, but even then it was stupid. Booing theo shortly after the loss of his son was stupid also. Booing theo in the playoffs on the other hand is a part of the game.

    Just because some people do stupid things, doesn't mean we all do.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 4: Capitals in command of series (2010-04-22 00:23:47)

    subban scored game winner in double ot

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 4: Capitals in command of series (2010-04-22 00:18:29)

    because from anywhere i would figure that out, yes here in quebec we teach our kids to read minds, and I clearly failed that course.

  • Comment on Round 1, Game 4: Capitals in command of series (2010-04-22 00:04:20)

    cheering for a winner is easy, a true fan sticks with his team through thick and thin, why? because we support the players. Becoming a good team is not a simple process, its painful and young teams go through tough times. what you are doing is like photoshopping your picture into the best college party to say you were there.

    I pity you, not only do you not have enough heart and pride to stick with a losing team, but you also go onto other teams websites to insult people. You must have the best life in the world buddy.

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  • Comment on For 20 minutes, a great game (2010-04-19 21:03:09)

    top 5 pick sounds pretty good right about now, what i would do for gudbranson......