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  • Comment on Pacioretty, Prust back on the ice at Friday practice (2013-10-04 13:10:18)
    Thought of a great trade for both teams... To Mtl: R. Smyth To Edm: Desharnais + 500k retained per year over the next 3 years. Edmonton get much needed help at center + Montreal gets rid of that terrible contract and adds some size for the third line Patches - Eller - Gallagher Bourque - Pleks - Gionta Galchenyuk - Briere - Smyth Moen - White - Prust
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-28 10:14:33)
    Yeah, was thinking the same thing....Then again, we all thought Iginla was a Bruin after last night's game...
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-28 10:10:28)
    Wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions last night! After much reflection I believe the best move for MB may be no move at all…I call for a status quo from here on out... That being said, after the moves made by Pens yesterday I can only see one trade bringing us within reaching level. D. Boyle + Clowe to Montreal But I’m pretty sure the return would look something like Diaz + Kristo + 1st + Ellis + 2nd to San Jose
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens draft Galchenyuk, Malcolm Subban to Boston (2012-06-22 18:59:10)
    Thanks man!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens draft Galchenyuk, Malcolm Subban to Boston (2012-06-22 18:29:49)
    Anyone know where I cant find a live link for the draft? Is TSN showing it....
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 11:38:20)
    Good point, but belive it or not things have changed since THAT mistake LOL. Also, you're overlooking the talent Plekanec brings to a team.
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 11:21:26)
    Bingo... Their drafting was spot on...
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 11:20:28)
    In my humble opinion the answer to your question about AK was answered the second MTL traded for Bourque...Similar player (big, strong, 20 goal scorer+, inconsistent and a care free attitude). Listen, I’m a fan of AK, however we can’t have too many AK types with a care free attitude if we want to be serious contenders. I say MTL got a better player in Bourque for a cheaper price. If the deal makes sense and what’s coming back has potential with heart make the deal at the deadline
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 11:12:12)
    2 or 3 first rounders (REALLY!)...Parise = UFA, Getzlaf = 1 season from UFA, Carter = not in same league as others and Staal = longterm + high pricetag... I sincerely think people overvalue players in this cap era…It’s not the mid 90’s where you can build a team via free agency LOL
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 10:53:02)
    For the first time since early 90's Mtl has 5-6 legitimate 25+ goals scorers...So why does it feel like it's not enough to get us to the next level? Well, after reflecting I sincerely believe Montreal is in lack of "premier playmakers". Look at DD, he is still making his way into the league and his playmaking ability makes his line run like a well oiled machine! Think about it, a player who creates space for his line makes purely on his hockey intelligence: A type of player who can beat you 1 one 1, snipe or draw two defenders and slip a pass to someone else for an easy goal (what Gomez is paid to do LOL). That being said, without looking at MTL playoffs situations this year I believe THIS trade deadline can mold Montreal for the next 5 years! After looking at possible acquisitions I'm going to ask you guys 1) what you think it would take to get the following players 2) which option is most realistic and why. 3) which option is best and why 1)Eric Staal 2)Zach Parise 3)Ryan Getslaf 4)Jeff Carter My answer to 1) 1)Eric Staal – Plekanec + Weber + Kristo + 2nd rounder 2)Zach Parise – Plekanec + 2nd rounder + Holland 3)Ryan Getzlaf – Plekanec + Weber + Gallagher + 2nd rounder 4)Jeff Carter – Plekanec + 2nd rounder My answer to 2) Eric Staal – permits Carolina to rebuild the right way and frees up cap-space. He is locked up for a long time with a huge price tag… My answer to 3) Parise – Man if MTL can find a way to convince NJD to move him and then sign-him this guy would be lights out with the talent that surrounds him