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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-11 12:47:25)
    Well, been awhile since I posted here but thought I would throw out some questions to the masses.... 1) How did this team turn around the shot count? This team for the last couple years could barely get 15 shots per game, now they are getting 30+ EVERY NIGHT. 2) How did this team start scoring 3-5 goals per game? They have been struggling for years to score 2 or 3. They really haven't added big time scorers. 3) Andrei Markov is obviously the key component to the PP, his skill has turned around the worst PP into one that strikes fear in opponents, can he really keep up this pace for 82 games next season? 4) Can Michel Therriens system really be that dramatic of a change for the Habs?? Carey Price will benefit from not having to stop 40+ shots very night come playoff time for sure. I can't wait to see him get in the groove and start stealing games. GO HABS GO!!!!
  • Comment on About this afternoon … with audio (2011-12-10 22:04:20)
    I'd love to see JM just stick with somethings that actually work, and keep the players happy. I say the line-up should be this... Cammalleri-Pleks-Leblanc Cole-DD-Patch AK46-Eller-Moen Darche-Noks-Weber This give Cammy the best chance at success, while giving Leblanc some great linemates. Leblanc is a great fwd and is being wasted in the 4th line role IMO. Lines 2 & 3 have clicked well together as I have them...and Line 4 is just the rest of the clan. With the guys injured we dont have much choice. I actually think Weber could be a decent FWD, he works hard and is fairly speedy. I would love to see him fly down the wing and let a howitzer go and bulge the twine. AS for the D.... PK-Gorges Emelin-Kaberle Campoli-Gill I think Emelin has to stay and Diaz could be destined for Hamilton. Markov when he returns throws another wrinkle in. I see a possible trade in the works once everyone is healthy. Weber would be expendable once Gio and Gomez come back to fill a spot taken by Weber. With no room for him on the backend once all hands are on deck it would not surprise me to see him go the way of Chipchura and Maxwell.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-02 05:59:09)
    One thing that is laughable...even given our poor management and poor coach....we are only a couple pts from the playoffs...and if you want to think BIG...we are only 10 or so pts out of 1st in the EASTERN CONFERENCE!! That is only a couple small win streaks away....and once Carey catches fire....LOOK OUT!! That is my looking through my Habs glasses at a half full glass of milk while the sun is shining on it...LOL GO HABS!! LA KINGS SUCK!!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-02 05:26:44)
    I realize you put your best forwards out for the SO so that you give yourself the best possibility to win but I think maybe JM was throwing the Sharks a curveball. I bet none of the NHL goaltenders have the book on Moen's SO moves...LOL. Given the recent trend i wouldnt be surprised to see the Habs either make a trade or send JM packing. It seems like the trendy thing to do. I think the excuse train is the only reason they havent done anything. If the team was 100% healthy and losing games then JM would have no legs to stand on. But since we are missing so many Dmen i think the Molson family is cutting JM some slack. PP a bust..on its only opportunity mind you. I just dont get it...if it is broke...FIX IT!! TRY SOMETHING....ANYTHING!!! Not sure why they continue to dress Palushaj...for a hair over 3mins of ice time he might as well just stay home. He is better suited for Hamilton. Plek's was a nightmare in the faceoff dot again too...man they need some help in that dept. The need an experienced veteran to come in and tutor them on how to win a draw. Louis was looking dangerous tonight with Eller...but 0 shots...WTF!! I know he wont stick with the big club but I think he is making a case. Not understanding why they wouldnt let him try his hand at the SO, what was there to lose. The kid is here for some NHL experience why not let him try and score a winner. What better confidence booster is there than that. Nice to see Eller getting more ice time than Darche for once, he also looks to be starting to get into his groove. With some quality linemates the kid looks like a star. Lastly i am making my daily rant about not trying Emelin on the PP, I think in the KHL he was dangerous shooting from the point. Why not try him back there...our guys now just wind up howitzers that only scare the people in the first couple rows behind the glass on either side of the net. Goalies just watch as they all flinch. There is no hope the shots are actually going to hit the net. That's my 2 cents...thanks for listening.
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-01 04:12:43)
    Ok, i going to rant for a bit. I am sure to get some backlash from the HIO faithful but here goes... Are the Habs coaching staff going to wait until the PP goes 0-100 before they start making some changes to their strategy and personnel?? Markov cannot handle the pressure of fixing this all by himself. I am still wondering why they keep dressing Darche, and why they keep giving him quality mins with quality linemates. Why not give that time to a young gun or someone who deserves it or will benefit from playing with top notch linemates. I also believe its JM's time to go. If Carlyle can get fired after that performance tonight then JM is going to need a 14-1 win over the Sharks to avoid the axe right? Doubt it...JM must have blackmail photos of Geoff Molson or something. I think alot of people expected the Ducks to be horrible tonight since they have been terrible for the last 10 games, but really how long can you hold Getzlaf/Perry/Selanne down?? Anyone else missing a Plek's shorthanded breakaway goal?? He was getting SH opportunities every game earlier in the season...what changed?? Is he just not going for it anymore..?? The Habs need a confidence boost to get some of their stars moving in the right direction again. I can see the Habs winning against the Sharks and Kings to finish off this West Coast trip...the reason why....they always seem to win the games people think they wont and lose the games people think will be a cakewalk....I am seeing a 5-2 win against SJ and a 3-2 OT win against the Kings. Anyone have injury updates on anyone not named Markov?? Where are you Spacek?? Campoli?? White?? even Gomez??(to take Darche out of the lineup) That is my 2 cents...
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-22 07:17:07)
    you know what...Gomez is starting to play better. That doesnt mean he has earned the ice time he is getting. Maybe if he was creating offense it would be a start. Hey if the Caps can put $6.7M in the pressbox (semin) why cant we put our $7M in our pressbox? Dress someone who can score....or even hit the net.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-22 04:14:12)
    Hmm...im confused Bob_Sacamano. I always thought when the Habs lost this section filled up with thousands of comments about JM, Gomez and numerous doom and gloom posts. It is nice to see that hasnt happened....yet. Okay, so the Habs lost, people realize they cannot win every game right? They lost 1-0 in a game they played pretty well in. No glaring faults. I am not upset by that. I would not mind to see the Habs playing well and coming out with some confidence that they can hang with some of these teams....even without a good portion of their defense corps. I would not mind to see some PP changes...which i have stated here numerous times. I say try something totally out of left field. I say put Nokelainen as the PP1 center position. He was brought in to win faceoffs...what better place to win them than in the offensive zone on the PP? He is only getting single digit mins per game so what could it hurt. I also like alot of others would love to see Pleks off the point. I say put PK and Emelin...yes EMELIN. The guy had 11 goals last year in the K and 7 of them were on the PP. Why not try it...it cant hurt the leagues most woeful powerplay. I cannot wait to see what this team brings to the table once it is healthy...if that ever happens. I hope it is Diaz that is the odd man out when Markov returns and not Emelin, we need Emelin's grit back there. I also wont mind seeing Campoli come back and man the PP point with Markov....that would be a sight for sure. Rumour Mill: i would love to see a trade involving a couple names that would look great in the bleu blanc et rouge. Those include: Jeff Carter(no reason not to want him), Alex Semin(healthy scratch...really? the guys scores 30g in his sleep), Chris Stewart(off year, former 2 time 28g scorer cant hurt a lineup), Kyle Okposo(healthy scratch on the Isles...cant be good. But he is a big body has scored goals in the past(18g & 19g.) Dustin Penner(injured now and no goals, as many pts as P.Kaleta....should be cheap for a 4 time 20+ goal man). Those are just a few names of guys with size and could score a bit given a 2nd chance in a new town...and where better to play hockey than MONTREAL. Feel free to weigh in. GO HABS GO!!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 17:19:39)
    that right people never realize...you win some...you lose some. Just ask Andrei Kovalenko(loss)....or Stephane Richer(win). GO HABS!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 16:25:41)
    i would even mind seeing the following combos just for sh*ts and giggles.... Cammalleri – Pleckanec – Eller Pacioretty – Desharnais – Cole Gionta – Nokelainen – Moen Schultz/Willsie – Gomez – Palushaj This way Darche cannot make it to the PP.....and Nok's can win some key faceoffs and create some offense with Gio and Moen(newly crowned team sniper). Put Gomez on the 4th line where some young guys can show him how to shoot...and maybe score once. JM...take this lineup to a game near you.
  • Comment on Liveblog: A significant and satisfying win (2011-11-19 15:09:46)
    Michael Whalen of TSN claims Marty Biron gets the start for the NYR. Should be interesting, he is one of the premier really good, then really bad 'tenders. Lets hope its 'Red Light" night behind ol' Marty B. Go Habs Go! #11 will be 1st star tonight...GREAT SCOTT!!!