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Habs fan since: 1975 the year i was born
Favorite current player: Corson, Kostopoulos, Kordic, Koivu, Carbo. Svobota, Markov, Roy.
All-time favorite player: Saku Koivu, Shayne Corson,


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  • Comment on Sergei Kostitsyn not making Philly trip (2010-04-01 13:08:33)

    Sk74 gotta bruised pinky finger, they should sit his cheeseburgler eatin` big bro too, and Hammer is gross, Markov goes on maternity leave when Price is in the net.

  • Comment on Sergei Kostitsyn not making Philly trip (2010-04-01 10:54:12)

    I know Pk Subban is better than Roman frikken Hamerlik, the guy is brutal.. Markov plays like Patrick Traverse when Price is in goal, looked lazy as hell lastnight. The Kostittyzyns are made of porcilin.I Wouldn`t mind having Brandon Sutter on our team. If Pleks wants more than 4 million, let him walk.. Contract year, they all play good, then disappear when the contract is signed. Pleks was invisble last year, not to mention his last few games.

  • Comment on Practice resumes; writer’s cramp for Price (2010-03-29 10:35:34)

    Don`t ya think the fans could show a lil class, instead of booin` him off the ice.I Don`t blame him at all for that. Ya`s sure love shittin` on this kid don`t ya`s. I bet if he was in your home city sighing autographs you`d be the 1st in line kissin his ass.

  • Comment on Practice resumes; writer’s cramp for Price (2010-03-29 10:00:36)

    Carey is class personified. Go gettum Kid.. The next Ryan Miller. I just hope it`s in a Hab Jersey.

  • Comment on Game 66: Canadiens win to grab East lead (2008-03-01 12:44:25)
    Does anyone know how to find out the breakdown for the HNIC tv schedule? I am in vancouver and it says i am getting either the habs or the leafs game. Any idea how i can find out which game i will see? I already checked the CBC website and could not find the actual breakdown of areas. Thanks
  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens (2008-02-29 17:33:37)
    Not gonna happen anytime soon. The "new" NHL is all about creating excitement for the fans. Who doesn t want to see a four on four ot, or a shootout? Depending who is playing the game they are probably the most exciting part of the game. Why would they go back to a boring five on five ot where they can trap the whole time. Its not going to happen, the fans don't want it, the americans don't want it and most importantly Gary Bettemen don't want it!
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 16:48:38)
    thanks , i just found that part in the Gazette. I appreciate it. Huey is a class act, i feel bad for the guy but love Price and the Habs and am excited to see the outcome this season.
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 16:27:52)
    I just listened to Ryders audio there and they mentioned something about a note from Huey? Anybody got any other info on that?
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-27 05:37:14)
    I agree. Christobal was nothing but good for our organization. The first time i saw him was in vancouver when then number one and one of my favorite players at the time Jose Theodore let in four or five goals in the first period. I was mad that he was pulled and barely got to see him play. And in came Huey and saved the day! (not that game however). He helped us through some tough goaltending times and barring an injury he is about to cash in on his recent success. This will be his best opportunity for a fat contract and i hope he gets it!! So thanks again huet , you made me forget about Jose , now its up to someone to make me forget about you. Ill be wearin your hat for years to come.
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-26 22:10:08)
    Man, i`m just happy we still got our team intact, minus Huey. I kinda seen it coming. Kinda thought we would get more then a 2nd round pick. I`m happy we still got Ryder and Higgi By the ways Higgi was playing tonight , i think he`s happy himself. Now the Price , Halak show. I can`t believe how much the Pens gave up for Hossa. I`m glad he`s in Pitts. Habs looked good tonight. Lets hope they keeper up. I`m confident in Price and Halak.