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  • Comment on Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal (2014-03-06 14:11:34)
    I heard that crap this morning too. I guess Jeff Blair ( or whoever that moron is) is working on the side as Nonis' spin doctor. Hey, the Leafs don't need any help. Phaneuf is the best d-man in the leaque, Berniner the best goalie, Kessel the best winger, they have the best coach, Morgan Riley is the best d man since Paul Coffee. Vanek "only" scores 30-40 goals a year. Who needs him? Not the Leafs, according to the yo-yos in leaf land.
  • Comment on Habs’ Therrien faces heat while Guy Boucher takes coaching job in Switzerland (2014-01-28 10:18:28)
    Didn't play good when he was healthy, and with his issues now, that would be one hell of a longshot. This team doesn't need a gambler of a GM, but one that makes smart decisions. That's like trading a good player for draft picks. You know what you got already, but the pick might never play a game for you.
  • Comment on Habs’ Therrien faces heat while Guy Boucher takes coaching job in Switzerland (2014-01-28 10:14:45)
    This philosophy of the Canadiens (or pressure) that they will always choose a home boy over someone else has really screwed them a number of times. The fact that they signed a washed up and beaten Briere over Michael Ryder (who had an excellent year) shows how screwed up things are. Remember when everyone was pushing for Gainey to grab Lecavalier? Thank God we dodged that bullet. I don't think Therrien deserves the boot. This team played pretty damn good last year and for 90% of this year. The problem is you have a group of passengers who don't show up anymore. I would start trading some of them and maybe it'll wake the team up. Or start benching some of these losers and call up some Bulldogs.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens sign Colby Armstrong, Francis Bouillon, Brandon Prust (2012-07-01 08:44:25)
    Spending too much money won't really hurt anyone these days. The cap keeps going up every year and it's now back to the insane levels of the early 2000s. Really the most difficult issue is grabbing a good player. Most guys are locked up and when a good player becomes available, it's a free for all to see who gets him. There's not enough real good guys to go around.
  • Comment on You be the general manager (2012-06-30 23:39:17)
    There are no condos in Hamilton. Just Tim Hortons.
  • Comment on Nokelainen, Nash re-signed for one year (2012-06-28 22:45:43)
    I never understood why they signed Nokia in the first place and let a great guy like Metropolit go. He had more than 10ppg and Noke can't even get 10 shots.
  • Comment on Draft week begins (2012-06-18 22:51:35)
    My take is that players from Sweden tend to be very good NHLers vs. the Russians who aside from a few exceptions, have turned out to be a bunch of talented but lazy and easily distracted children. It's like the bright lights of North America have made these guys forget they're supposed to play hockey 1st, not party and go clubbing like it's a sport. If I had the choice between 2 equally ranked players, I'd definitely take the Swede over a Russian any day.
  • Comment on Habs GM search: What we know (2012-04-13 12:21:54)
    Savard had a pretty good record in drafting and his teams were always in the upper rankings of the league. He assembled that super team that only lost to Calgary in the 89 cup finals. He drafted a slew of good defencemen in the early 90's or late 80's. Many other character guys like Skrudland, Keane, were brought in by him. He shafted toronto in the Kordic deal. He brought Kirk and Vinny and Brian Bellows in. He also seemed to chose coaches well too. He was the first to bring Pat Burns into the league. Brought in Demers when the team needed that type of guy.
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 19:38:08)
    Has anyone here figured out yet that the real problem with the team isn't the players, or even GM, but that mute of a troll behind the bench who has the emotion of a statue. Get a coach with some balls and the team will follow. Every time this team gets a lead, they play half assed as if though they're thinking "well this game is in the bag, I wonder what we're eating on the plane tonight".
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-02 06:05:22)
    I hate Toronto as much as the next guy here, but they've played much better than Montreal this year. I've seen Montreal blow at least 4 3rd period leads. Kinda sounds like the Leafs from a year or 2 ago. I was completely expecting them to fall apart when Reimer got hurt, but they've been hanging in there. The difference is, they're scoring and Montreal isn't. Besides Pac, and maybe Cole, the rest of the guys seem to be down and next to invisible most nights. If it weren't for Carey, this team would be further down in the standings.