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  • Comment on RDS to televise TournĂ©e des joueurs game (2012-10-05 08:58:43)
    Does anyone recall what happened to the draft in 04-05 when we lost the season? Did they just keep the order from the previous year's draft?
  • Comment on And on the seventh day … (2012-01-22 12:45:29)
    his cap hit is 5.5 million per year for six years though. with Montreal's future blueline looking good, having signed him would have been yet another salary anchor on this team. if Markov comes back healthy next year he will cost the Habs 5.75 for 2 more years only. After that the team can let him go and spend that money on someone else. if he never comes back then that is 5.75 freed up for a quality forward. again, i think things actually worked out rather well.
  • Comment on And on the seventh day … (2012-01-22 12:20:56)
    something i thought about this morning. a lot of people complain about Markov's signing this season. he has not played yet this year and is costing the canadiens nothing against the cap. let's all agree that we as fans don't really care that he is costing the team owners money, it hasn't stopped them now or in the past from signing free agents or trading for costly players. now if Markov was not signed, it is likely the team would have instead made an offer to Wisniewski. had a look at his stats this morning. 2G 15A -18 i dunno. maybe it is better that we did not sign him. at least with Markov there is still the chance that he could come back or that some other team would take a chance with him.
  • Comment on Habs want to cut down on shots, or maybe not (2010-04-27 14:46:40)

    Saying that Halak plays better when there are lots of shots is absurd.  That would only make sense if he lets in many goals on the first few shots but that slowly tapers off as he gets more shots.  As Chuck says it matters what kind of shots he is getting.  He still played well but how many of those shots did Halak have clear line of sight?  And how many of those fancy, glove flipping saves did he make on saves that were not going to go in anyways?