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  • Comment on Contract updates on Subban, Price; camp audio (2012-06-29 12:41:50)
    Man, am I the only one who thinks that locking up "core" players before free agency (even RFAs) is a classy move?
  • Comment on At least it’s a white Christmas (2011-12-23 10:02:47)
    Blunden on a line with DD and Cole? Waste of a line. Healthy Habs Should Look Like This (imo): Cammy-Pleks-Gio Patches-DD-Cole AK-Eller- Moen White-Noki-Blunden Forget Gomez. Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 14:52:55)
    Let's be rational for a second (I know, we're Habs fans, it's hard). They’re both over paid, but I think Kaberle has more potential. The difference this year is completely negligible (100k more for Kaberle) and if we keep him around his cap is only 400k more than Spacek. The difference is Spacek was done this year and Kaberle isn’t. So if he blows we’re stuck with him an extra year. If they both had the same time left on their contract I would be really behind it, but that extra year makes it a bit of a gamble. Kaberle has more upside (potentially) than Spacek and if he gets in the zone he QB’s the powerplay as good as Markov. His career numbers exceed Spacek and he’s younger (Spacek is 37 Kaberle is 33). Last year when Kaberle’s “slump” began, he still had 43 points, his full seasons have usually been around 50 points, this year he’s in the toilet I’ll admit but hey, Spacek has barely played, at least Kaberle is healthy. Spacek has only ever cracked 40 points twice and often floats around 20. Even this year: Spacek: 3 pts in 12 games vs. Kaberle: 9 points 9 pts in 29 games. In his "slump" season, Kaberle is on pace for 25 points, 4 more than Spacek's best season with the Habs. They’re both doing garbage but for 100k more (this year) and 400k more next Kaberle is still less garbage, and healthy, and younger and if he gets his game back he's a HUGE asset. The only part about this trade that makes it a little crummy is the extra 2 years on the contract. But if Kaberle finds his form again we won't mind paying 4.25 million for a 50 point defenseman who can QB the PP. Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Undefeated in the post-Pearn era (2011-10-27 10:21:53)
    Would’ve been an entirely different game if we didn’t score that late goal in the 1st, we went into the locker room with all the ‘mo and kept it. Those lines looked like they were clicking, when Gomer gets back I’d put him between Eller and AK and not mess with what’s going on on the top two for a little while. But you know, that just won’t happen because 7 million dollar players are top 6 automatically, regardless of performance. I was also most impressed with the Cole-DD-Cammy line (even though Patches-Pleks-Gio put up more points). If Eller had any finish he would have 2 goals and the game woulda been put away in the second. Is it just me or did Price look more confident in his old pads? Not superstitious my eye. Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 15:21:39)
    I don't even think we're missing that many pieces. I do think a lot of the problem is coaching and a lack of consistency on the lines (in part due to random line changes and in part due to injury related line changes). Eric Cole has had 8 different linemates (not counting powerplay lines) in 8 games how can he finish plays when he has no chemistry? How many times have we seen Cammy skating the puck in by himself with no support, since he has no idea who he's playing with? We often outplay the opponents in terms of possession and shot totals, we just don't score. I'd like to see this team play with stable lines for a few games before I throw out the whole blueprint. Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Game 9: Canadiens snap losing streak (2011-10-26 14:27:21)
    The whole thing about this tanking the season is both right and wrong, depending on how you look at it. We're NOT Tanking the Season: We're only 8 games in, and losing streaks happen, still plenty of hockey left in the season to get back up in the standings etc. We ARE Tanking the Season: The reality is that losing streaks happen, but this means that our big losing streak card is played, already, at 8 games in. Basically, if this is the only major losing streak we have all season, we're still in good shape. It's just nerve-racking that a big losing streak like this is happening right away, that means 40 games in we can't afford another one. It's far from over, but we basically used up some of the buffer room that comes from an 82 game season and we're not even in November. I think that's what has people worried (even if they're overreacting a little). That's what has me worried. Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Canadiens stink out home opener (2011-10-13 15:43:22)
    How many goalies have hit that milestone at 24? Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-07 13:42:11)
    Seriously, what I'd like to see is more news about the Cam Bros health (Cammy and Campoli) Winter is Coming
  • Comment on Major safety changes at Bell Centre (2011-09-20 16:26:25)
    Got my pre-season ticks for tonight, too bad I'm so far up I won't have a good look at the new glass, I like what I see from that photo though. No words on the Stars lineup yet? I wanna see Mickey Ribs! Keep Calm and Carey On
  • Comment on Markov suffers setback in rehab: Report (2011-09-15 14:55:35)
    Markov should take all the time he needs, we can do without him in October, we need him down the stretch. Btw, any game of thrones fans? Winter is Coming