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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 74 – Canadiens win ugly (2014-03-25 17:42:45)
    Huge trap game especially since we don't know the lineup... lets hope the boys don't blow this game and undo the good of last night.
  • Comment on ‘We’re going to put that one behind us’ Therrien says of Habs 6-0 loss to Kings (Video) (2013-12-11 13:01:07)
    Habs have a decent team but they are not a contender. They have several good pieces but need way more size and another consistent scorer to take that next level. The latest run was a perfect storm,the reality is they are a.500 hockey team. MB has a lot to sort and add before the Habs are in the serious conversation.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 3: Calgary jinx continues, Flames win 3-2 (2013-10-10 00:07:23)
    Once again Habs not prepared to play, and the coach once again did a horrible job again of managing his bench...before he lays blame on his players he should be looking in the mirror. His stubbornness will cost this team in the end more than anything else.
  • Comment on Injured Pacioretty will join Habs on road trip (2013-10-08 19:47:22)
    Time to put Briere back at center where he belongs between Max Pac and Prust ......The Flyers had the centers and most importantly the size to afford to play DB on the wing.....they can't keep throwing DD into the top 6...Habs should admit their mistake by trading(doubtful) or waiving him.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-10-06 14:06:43)
    Not sure if it was the outcry from the fans or MT's light bulb finally got screwed in, but he finally made the adjustments in ice time to his better players (kids) That being said the Habs to be successful will need contributions from all three lines. The DD situation is going to be problematic Briere is better suited for center IMO meaning some how someway they have to find a way to get rid DD. Not sure if MB can get rid of that albatross???.....maybe he has to be creative and dangle a prospect in a package to get out of this mess.
  • Comment on Parros released from hospital; out indefinitely (2013-10-02 16:58:44)
    A shame Orr pulled him down so violently that was intentional but not sure he thought he'd smash his face...on another note to Michel Therrien......THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT!.....LET THEM PLAY!...the future is NOW! The coaches game management and line combo's will make or break this season.
  • Comment on GM Bergevin to hold press conference on Monday (2013-05-10 18:15:23)
    This team has to get way BIGGER not only up front but on the back end..... everybody thinks Anderson is so great, but he gives up big juicy rebounds...thing is you can't get to them because the Sens D is really big and do an great job of boxing teams out and clearing the front of the net...the Habs smallish forwards were ripe to be beaten down.
  • Comment on ‘When he heard the news, our captain was crying in my arms’, Therrien says (2013-05-08 19:22:14)
    Bad calls aside,the fact is Habs still should have won. Unfortunately our coach learned little from a very similar scenario in a crucial game against the Canes in 2002. Fact is he didn't have two centers on the ice again!... and had some of the nights and series worst performers on at crunch time. His reluctance to play Galchenyuk is ludicrous what is the kid learning on the bench how to watch coasters lose. The kid gives his all every shift. I would much rather see him trying his guts out and lose a game than the lame over paid passengers that clearly don't want to pay the price. The Habs have a long way to go to be considered a contender but the game plan and the game decisions are more to blame for the predicament the Habs are in than bad calls and bad breaks.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 12:34:16)
    MT has been out coached badly in the last week or so. Not sure what his preconceived plan was but he better stop and learn to adjust on the fly. This NO DOUBT 100% a young mans league...so stop saying you are protecting these kids...from what higher expectations. Lets continue to have them supported by guys who should be third liners and let them have expecations lower than low....want to hurt up and coming kids confidence have them continue to play behind these slugs. Top lines in whatever conviguration you want have to be Pleks,Patches Gallagher Galyenchuk Eller and surprisingly Bourque no if ands or buts. This is far from a contending club everyone is aware why candy coat it with tired vets....we than fans would rather lose with effort but the fact is all the excitement generated in the fast start were by the players mentioned. Most everywhere in the league Cole and Gionta are third liners thats where they should be here. Far from a difference maker but he would give you effort is there a reason why Mike Blunden can't get a few games are the sweaters not big enough to fit him...just wondering.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 22:31:23)
    The crowd in Buffalo was 50% Canadiens fans the Sabres were dead the arena (Hab fans aside) were dead.....Ryan White was brain dead. I am sorry but regardless of your age the fact is you are still a professional hockey player, have played hockey for two-thirds of your life and you can't recognize when the building is dead and your opponent has all but given up????... and you still get sucked in by one of the most notorious guys in the league. Peter (AHL calibre)Budaj aside Ryan White took a major step backwards IMO....can he learn to play on the edge without costing his team?...absolutely but given the circumstances of this shortened season he IMO is sitting for a long while...which unfortunately is too bad. ..another thing Habs need a veteran goalie of a higher calibre...no way can you trust a tender like Budaj in a season like this ...back to back first shots going through the wickets in a crucial game on the road....BRUTAL!!!!!!