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Habs fan since: my uncle Sterling saved me in 1984 from all the Leafs Fans in my family
Favorite current player: Brian Gionta
All-time favorite player: Saku Koivu


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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-01-19 09:39:32)

    I believe Don Cherry said it best

    he was always Ruff with your back turned and then Lindy in the corners

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-11-17 09:52:36)

    HIO removed my post

    so much for freedom of speech, WOW

    Sorry guys,

    Carey is God, Gauthier is a Genius, and there is absolutely no chance that Carey will crack at any point this year

    there, that's better

    what a joke

  • Comment on CA-REY! (2010-11-16 09:52:00)

    I would almost guarantee a goal by Danny Briere tonight...having said that, hopefully that is all they get


    Habs win 2-1 in OT

    Captain Gionta with the winner


    Go Habs Go

  • Comment on Big week begins (2010-11-08 10:47:29)

    have to agree with Hobie, comparing Richards to Gomez is rediculous smiler

    even if you have evidence of Richards horrible defensive skills, his offensive upside would easily outweigh the complete ineptness of Scott Gomez and his gutless forrays towards the oppostitons blueline

    just sayin

  • Comment on Game 7: Canadiens, Price blank Senators (2010-10-23 10:56:16)

    This should be a good night for the Habbies but it won't be if they play even remotely close to the way they played Thursday night...the effort in that game was eerily reminiscent to Game 4 vs the Flyers last year...HORRENDOUS


    Having said that...5-2 Habs


    2 for the Captain


    maybe even ole Gomer might show up

  • Comment on Are you ready for some hockey? (2010-10-06 10:58:28)

    fair enough

    not sure he had much of a chance to reach a Cup Final with the cast surrounding him but at least your response shows that you put some thought into it which is quite refreshing in H I/O


  • Comment on Are you ready for some hockey? (2010-10-06 06:33:47)

    brilliant response

    I guess it was Saku's job to let a bunch of pansies like Guillaume Laten wearing a nice dress and Maxi Pad Lapierre grow a set of balls...amazing how dumb some habs fans are...if you call the Captain gutless then you obviously do not watch the games, but simply are an internet geek who blogs all day

  • Comment on Are you ready for some hockey? (2010-10-05 19:52:02)

    good call on Darche Boone...I also feel this is a big reason why Saku was unceremoniously shown the door...he was going to break Belliveau's Record for longest serving Habs else can the Habs explain why he was not even given an offer of the league minimum...if only he was Saku Leblanc....I know that this will draw alot of comments from the Anti-Saku club but seriously, who played with more passion and did more for the community than Saku during his time with the Habs...NOBODY!!!



  • Comment on Islanders bring B team to A city (2010-10-02 19:23:55)

    correct me if i am wrong bugs but are you supporting OB here???

    you are the same guy who tore O'B apart last year in your undying admiration of MAB

    i guess you are just ranting about anything even though you have no clue what you really think

    nice work donkey

  • Comment on Islanders bring B team to A city (2010-10-02 14:36:37)

    we all missed bugsy this summer