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I hate the Leafs

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  • Comment on Price on strike? (2010-09-01 04:03:03)

    I agree with k-hab, and understand the point he is trying to make, I also believe that Bugs is arguing for arguments sake at this point and totally understands what k-hab is saying. Although Halak did have the winning season the team as a whole played far better when he was in net. It's almost like a superstition, to illustrate my point I'll give a more rediculous example. Lets say that when the team won most of their games last season, Lapierre wore his socks inside out, by Bugs' method we would ignore the fact that this is likely not the reason (or the whole reason) that the team won and pray that he continued to do so, when in reality there are a multitude of other factors that can explain the winning even if Lapierre played well. Price is statistically as good a goalie, he also has a more decorated background than Halak, if we had traded Price (and he wouldn't have been worth too much after last season) and he would have gone on to superstardom the fans and the city of Montreal would have never forgiven the organization for giving up on a goaltender that so many sacrifices had been made for, Halak was less of a risk to get rid of and I agree that last season will be the highlight of his career. Lets have the team score some goals from time to time.


    I hate the Leafs