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  • Comment on First dilemma of 2011 (2011-01-01 13:27:02)

    maybe they can send AK46 to Nashville and reunite the sisters?

    the biggest problem lately has been all the dumb penalties - how do you coach that?

  • Comment on First dilemma of 2011 (2011-01-01 12:42:17)

    I would encourage some of you commenting to WATCH THE GAMES, and then if you still think that Eller should go to Hamilton - see an eye specialist. Hopefully, that will end the nonsense. Eller is a big step ahead of needing time in the minors. What he needs is MORE time in the pros. All the best in the New Year - would be nice to meet some people at a parade later this year...know what I mean?

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-29 00:16:34)

    this is exactly the same as last year - nobody goes to the net and no offense from the defense

    a different coach has not changed that - this roster is totally dependent on the goalie stealing games

    if you think that is a good way to advance in the playoffs you might be in for a bad surprise

    Eller was the best player again tonight but Jacques does not reward it with more ice or better wingers

    please explain

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-29 00:17:14)

    please explain...real slow and no big words

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-27 10:21:13)

    lay off Eller - Tony is dead wrong

    Eller skates hard every shift - blocks shots, finishes checks and goes to the net

    he has been one of the better players a lot of nights

    don't blame him because the organization cannot put finishers on a line with him

    he has nothing to learn in the minors and DESERVES more ice - it is a coaching MISTAKE

    not a reflection of his performance

    if the rest of the team worked as hard as young Lars - it would change the outcome of games

    Martin has to smarten up with Eller and Subban - they are the future and they need to play more NOT LESS

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-27 10:22:01)

    double entry - oops

  • Comment on AK46, Weber return; Subban, Pouliot scratched (2010-12-23 13:17:45)

    Eller is a workhorse and seems to shake everything off - a good fit for Montreal madness so why don't they give him the minutes he deserves? ONLY Jacques knows!

  • Comment on AK46, Weber return; Subban, Pouliot scratched (2010-12-23 13:11:58)

    everybody makes mistakes every game - some less glaring than others but the big problem with this team is the inconsistent EFFORT by most

    the only guys that show up every night and every shift are Eller, Hammer, Gionta and Pleks AND SUBBAN - most everyone else take shifts or even nights off -  coasting and hoping Price will steal one is not a good recipe for success

    outworking the opposition (like in the playoffs last year) seem to work

    they have not been doing that

    scapegoats are for losers - this is a winning team...stop dumping it on the kid

    get Jacques a coffee - he needs to wake up a bit 

    ...saw a T-Shirt at the mall that said " Tell your mom to pick up the kids at the rink - they are beating the Leafs 3-1"


  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-08 09:14:54)

    McGuire is an idiot. Eller has "top prospect"  all over him. He has the hands, wheels and smarts.

    It was very annoying to listen to goofy Pierre insult a smart management decision by PG.


  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-04 17:59:44)

    or a center controversy because Eller is outplaying people ahead of him?