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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-04 13:23:07)
    No his time is up with the guys compete level but even 3-4 million can be spent on a player with more size that can score 15-20....
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-04 13:21:32)
    Guy Carboneau says Habs went 7-1-2 over last 10 games playing boring defensive hockey because they don't have the offensive talent to play wide open hockey...and this guy(pun intended is an expert). The last two games they won 6-5 SO and 4-3OT were for the most part (except 2nd period against leafs) wide open exciting hockey and the Habs won. And even though Budaj has played well with Price in nets those games might have been won by more than one goal. Last years team played more open and finished second. We are playing more defensive and are third. In the playoffs you need to be able to shut it down when you are up so thats great but why cant we open it up and take a good lead and shut it down if necessary in the third. I think this team is playing a style that doesnt suit them because our game is speed, offense and wide open
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc on the Armada? (2011-07-13 12:31:23)
    AK46-eller-moen was line but I like white i that spot
  • Comment on Halpern rejoins team (2011-04-13 16:26:04)
    I think the buy out numbers are off...they would only owe him 6.67million over 4 years of acutal salary...after 2012
  • Comment on Halpern rejoins team (2011-04-13 16:23:27)
    Mats26 Your calculatiosn are right on... If they can't get rid of him next yaer that is what they will do Another option is sign richards and put gomez in hamilton for a yaer before buying him out like the rangers did with redden but Habs organization doesn't operate that way
  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Habs goalie Price (2011-04-11 12:29:14)
    Markov and Gorges are out until next year..6 months minimum for an ACL and i don't think Markov will take a chance and come back early after second operation on same knee...Gorges got operated in late January 6 weeks after Markov so thats why he's not on skates Max-Pac could be back for round 2 but why risk it and potentialy derail a long career as a power forward. He is the one we will miss the most Win the first one in Boston and panic will set in with the Bruins Habs in six