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  • Comment on Nokelainen, Nash re-signed for one year (2012-06-28 22:06:09)
    Well at least if I need to buy a vowel I know where to go...
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 12:51:36)
    what has he said, where are your facts...the only thing i recall him bashing is the Gomez trade...seems like a smart man to me.
  • Comment on Canadiens’ push begins (2012-01-31 10:46:06)
    Who is this Markov I hear people speak of? Was he a hockey player? Did he play for the Habs? Was he good? I can't seem to remember anything about this person.
  • Comment on Back to work (2012-01-30 11:40:31)
    here is the story from NESN http://www.nesn.com/2012/01/montreal-gazette-columnist-accuses-tim-thomas-of-skipping-white-house-visit-because-barack-obama-is-.html
  • Comment on Back to work (2012-01-30 11:14:08)
    Jack Todd is the last person to criticize Thomas for his political stance and actions...What do you call a draft dodger that runs to Canada and hides from his responsibility? Calling someone a racist is without proof is disgusting. The Gazette has already tried damage control by not printing his exact words, as he wrote them a day earlier. I hope Thomas and the bruins slap Todd and the Gazette with a huge lawsuit....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Anyone expect that? (2012-01-25 14:55:43)
    Did we lose yet?
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 15:34:31)
    Maybe Boone also wants to run a player out of town, just like his French counter part?
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 15:31:37)
    Fail for Nail
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 13:06:38)
    And he HABS gong show of a season continues!
  • Comment on Are Canadiens fans losing faith? (2012-01-20 12:01:52)
    I think one of the main reasons why everyone is so upset is because Hockey represents more than just a game. It’s an excuse to get together with friends and family. Saturday nights are all about taking your family over to your buddies house, the kids run to the basement to play, the wives get together and talk and you plant yourself in front of the TV to watch the game. We all know how winters are long and cold, hockey night is a chance to get out of your house or host...Preparing meal or ordering in...the hockey game is more than a block of 2 ½ hrs of TV....It’s our social outlet.... When we have a team that can’t compete, when we all see the glaring deficiencies, yet management continually makes the same mistake it is infuriating. The habs management treat us the fan like crap...their code of silence and talking down to us is inexcusable...Why is it that I’ve heard other coaches and GM on Montreal airwaves, but there is a code of silence from the Bell Center... It’s mid January and the season is over...The Bell Center has become as fun as a morgue and the GM “the ghost” aptly named because his horrible moves haunt team for years is the captain of this sinking ship...The owner an” intelligent” business man who sold the team low and bought it back at a higher price....is running the show...what a Joke.