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Habs fan since: 1970-something
Favorite current player: Price/Subban/Cammy/MaxPac
All-time favorite player: Roy/Muller/Koivu


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  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 15:29:37)
    LOL... I'll take that description. I'm sure as the season rolls on, and the intensity ratchets up, I'll be on more often!
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 13:50:30)
    every Habs game is on RDS... best $6/month on my cable bill.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens hold on to defeat Bruins (2011-10-27 13:19:54)
    Hey Ed & Serious... haven't been posting much lately, but since I've seen every Moosehads home game thought I'd comment. Nathan Mackinnon is such a freak. Turned 16 on September 1st, and looks like a 19/20 yr old out there. He's already had a few 4 pt games. He is strong on the puck, and a gifted playmaker. He's everything we could hope for(we being Canadian hockey fans). He will score his share of points in that series, and HE WILL be drafted 1st overall next year into the NHL, and likely make it as an 18yr old, which sucks for the Mooseheads, but they knew that was the likely outcome when they traded for him. Ciampini has defintely made some strides this year. It helps that he has been stapled to Mackinnon all season, but that's not to take away from him. He is big, and he has that gift of receiving a pass and putting the puck in the back of the net. His mobility and skating needs to improve a bit.... but my feeling on him is he has NHL size and talent, but he still has some physical maturing to do. And I don't mean getting bigger, I just mean learning to get the most out of your body. (Hell, it took our boy Hal Gill into his 30's before he learned how to get the most out of his body.) Ciampini will be probably be a late 1st or 2nd rounder in the NHL this year. The question of the next 2 months is this... has MacKinnon done enough for Hockey Canada to wake up and invite him to the Christmas world junior camp????(even if he doesn't make it, they need to get him out there)
  • Comment on Hockey returns to Bell Centre (2011-10-13 09:17:00)
    Hey Gerald, long time no talk! I actually got a promotion at work this summer, and now I'm about 10 times as busy (for marginally more money, lol)... so I haven't had as much time during the day, and decided to take a break. I'm still really busy, but now that the season is on again, I'm sure you'll find me posting a little bit again!
  • Comment on Hockey returns to Bell Centre (2011-10-13 08:31:52)
    If true, this will make my next 100 years :)
  • Comment on The Great Dane (2011-08-30 07:59:01)
    I've heard a couple of doozie's about him. He's a complete asshole. %100 for sure.
  • Comment on The Great Dane (2011-08-30 07:58:06)
    You say Brad Marchand is a "A good old Canadian boy who plays the game without stirring trouble like some Belarussian on our team." Brad Marchand doesn't stir trouble? I'm pretty convinced at this point you don't even watch hockey Mikey.
  • Comment on Islanders heading north? (2011-08-03 08:12:30)
    ohhhhhh... Fun Police's post made me think it was some kind of futures rankings... lol, sorry for bashing you to death dobber. I guess I'll have to read the article next time.
  • Comment on Islanders heading north? (2011-08-03 07:56:59)
    wow... that makes a person think they didn't even review their own list. No one who knows anything at all about hockey, could ever rate Bozak over Subban. It's laughable. dobber 300 = the biggest joke on the internet for today
  • Comment on Price rates among the best (2011-07-30 08:15:57)
    Definitely Thomas should have been number 1. The only argument to be made for Price on that list in my view, is he should have been ahead of Miller based on last year.