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  • Comment on Gabriel Dumont assigned to Bulldogs (2011-09-27 17:01:07)
    The only thing I can take issue with other than the Burke comment is the reference to the mayor being suitable for a town of 20000. I'm fairly certain that Ford would ham-fistedly mismanage a small town as effectively as he has done with Toronto.
  • Comment on Senators strike late (2011-09-24 13:41:03)
    Apologies, mate, no offense indended. My sarcasmo-meter is still in pre-season form! And I'm pretty sure that I've read similar opinions expressed earnestly by others...
  • Comment on Senators strike late (2011-09-24 12:30:37)
    I share your impatience to see the real team play, but with the Habs playing so many pre-season games in so few nights, they need to keep a fair number of warm bodies around to fill out the lineup. It's also a rare chance to evaluate the guys in the system while they're performing in an environment that somewhat resembles NHL play (which is also pretty much the only reason I'm interested in watching these games).