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  • Comment on Liveblog: Lifeless Canadiens drop third in a row (2014-11-04 21:48:31)
    Why did I fork over $59 for the french package? Why why why...Is it too late to fail for nail???
  • Comment on St. Patrick’s Day at Bell Centre; Habs send Bournival to Hamilton for conditioning (2014-03-17 15:10:13)
    Went to the game last night, which was the first for me watching a live NHL game. I was sitting at the last row way up high so I got a "birds eye view" of the action. It was crazy to see so many HAB fans there, about three quarters at least so it made for a great atmosphere for me and my fiancé. I noticed during the game that Gionta took a lot of abuse from the Sabers and none of his teammates stood up for him or did anything about it. I know that the game was pretty close and the points are needed especially against the Sabers. This got me thinking about when Koivu was the captain and how his team mates stood up for him, it just doesn't seem that Gionta commands the same respect as a leader that Koivu did. I was overall impressed with the play of the team and happy about the win but I would have liked to seen some action taken against the Sabers who were taking liberties with Gionta. Sort of wish Parros was in the line up for that reason. After the long line ups trying to get out of the city and country for that matter I think I will be watching from the comforts of home and my 70 inch T.V. Oh one last thing, during the game some clown starts to chant " go leafs go" which ended by being drowned out from the laughter of thousands of HABS fans.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 17 – Losing streak hits four as Canadiens bow 4-1 to Senators (2013-11-07 22:15:43)
    Lets just say another few loses were to bring about the firing of MT who out there would be a good replacement? And I really miss having Prust in the line up. I know he would have had more than just words with a few of the sens for going after gally.
  • Comment on Halak up next for Habs (2013-11-04 11:22:28)
    There are some crazy people speculating what PK could be worth as a trade bait. Is there any player in the league that if you had the chance would trade straight up for PK today? I cant name one player I would rather see on the Habs than #76 so for me I would not trade him for any one single player.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 15: Canadiens limp home after lost weekend (2013-11-02 22:53:34)
    To every player on the Habs not playing on the EGG line....Watch what #11 is doing and do that.
  • Comment on Roy’s Avalanche has best record in NHL at 11-1-0 (2013-11-02 16:39:28)
    Last night when the Habs were down 3-1 I said to myself OK now PK will take over and do his thing. It seems to me that once the game plan of MT goes to S#it then PK says to himself screw this I'm gonna play this game the way I can. And then he lights it up and gets a few points. Imagine a coach that let PK do what PK does best. I cannot wait for that day to come....On second thought I vote PK for Captain, Coach and General Manager....Go PK Go.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 14: Road weekend starts with 4-3 loss in Minnesota (2013-11-01 20:58:49)
    nope just my initials....not very creative I know.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 14: Road weekend starts with 4-3 loss in Minnesota (2013-11-01 20:54:17)
    I watched LL a few weeks back playing for the dogs and he was all but invisible. Since his call up he certainly looks like he belongs in the NHL. I don't know if its just my new 70 inch Sony TV but all the habs look bigger with Murray and Parros in the line up, well except DD he still looks 4' nothing.....kidding of course. DD seems to be playing pretty well actually. Go Habs Go.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 6 – Canadiens cap road trip with 3-0 win in Winnipeg (2013-10-15 16:52:15)
    I was at the Hamilton Bulldogs game last Saturday, my first time watching them and first AHL game ever. I was hoping to see a good showing from Leblanc. Sad to say he was all but invisible. Saw him throw one hit, one decent rush with a weak shot towards the goal and a poor effort back checking. I was really disappointed and perhaps his injury last year has really slowed his development and is the reason he was cut so early from the main camp. Some that surprised a little were Dumont with a strong effort all game and he is really fast, the captain St. Pierre I believe, was really great and scored a goal and put in a great effort over all. Forgive me for if I spell his name wrong but Akim Aliu was fun to watch, pretty quick, made smart plays and has some size to him. He also scored the game tying goal with about 10 seconds in the game. Mayer was in goal and he made some outstanding saves, one would be a highlight save in my opinion. Greg Pateryn will be a good NHL defence man and as the best defence man on the ice. I missed the only fight in the game when I went to get my fiancé some popcorn and myself a $10.50 beer (shocked) at that price. All in all a good game but very small crowd, around 3500 announced but I doubt there were that many. Anyways I am moving to Hamilton in December after leaving the Military and I plan on attending as many Bulldogs games as possible. Hope the boys pull out a win in the PEG tonight. Go Habs Go.
  • Comment on Here’s something for Habs fans to celebrate (2013-10-03 14:04:09)
    Hey Timo you are one of my favorite posters on here. I remember quite a while back you stopped posting and then one day there you were again....You certainly bring something to the table here that's for sure.