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  • Comment on Carey Price (2010-10-09 22:06:18)
    Atta boy Carey! And may I say, Boyd for SK74.....STEAL! Gotta love those WHL boys. White's gonna be great when he gets time with the big club.
  • Comment on Giggy robs them (2010-10-07 21:51:58)

    Being a HUGE Medicine Hat Tigers fan (and I worked for them for 6 years) I think I might notice this more than some others...but doesn't Clarke MacArthur score EVERY F*#$ing game he plays against us? DAMN!

    Eller with a great game..I love this kid. Laps and Moen also with good games.

    Came close, and I'm always mad after a loss to the Leafs...but I think we played prety good tonight. Carey played well, with some VERY big saves.


  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:59:08)

    Off topic for a sec....

    does anyone know if Domenic Vannelli is related to pop sensation Gino Vannelli?

  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:51:57)

    FACT. You wouldn't praise Price if he stood on his head. You'd claim he got off lucky, cause afterall...he was facing the Bruins 'B' team.

  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:36:24)

    Hang on everyone...stop everything....the Leafs are up 4-1 over the Sens tonight....with James Reimer in net.

    THIS JUST IN...the Leafs are gonna win the Stanley Cup this year, with James Reimer in net.

     Because EVERYTHING we see in a preseason game is a DIRECT REFLECTION of whats to come in the real regular season. Bet everything on the Leafs...with James Reimer in net. Mortgage your house, sell off your furniture, bike to work after hocking the car....its a 100% GUARANTEE!!!!!

  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:26:57)

    First one by Horton he should've had, yes

    Second, great play by Bergeron, deflected a bit

    Third goal, seeing eye point shot-good goal

    4th-Bergeron out-waited him, made a move and scored

    Ask yourself before you dump all over Price like it was his fault and his alone.....where was the defense? Weber was on for at least 2 if not 3 of the goals...out of place

  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:20:38)
    Oh, Halak would've had them all....and 2 assists by now... right?
  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:12:18)

    Nope, Carey has to win 82 straight games in shut-outs...like their god, Halak is gonna do....in order to BARELY please these so called Habs fans. Starting with the pre-season....where EVERYTHING matters....


  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 21:06:12)

    Just a TAD overdramatic, are we?

    You're not a 7th grade girl, whose world is ending cause she couldn't go to the Justin Bieber concert...are you?

    Settle down. This isn't a new Rejean Houle era....but I do have to admit, I agreed with your first 3 points. Look, we scored! Yay!!!

  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 20:58:47)
    Great point shot from the point, from Boychuk a full time NHLer, a wrister from Horton...a full time NHLer, Bergeron with a nifty deke...also a full time NHLer....I admit, not the best showing for sure...but these ain't the 'B' teamers that are doing the scoring. Should've had the wrister from Horton. Lets take a step back from the ledge though, guys