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  • Comment on Battling flu, Canadiens take Wednesday off (2012-02-22 12:12:48)
    What were you saying in those posts? Really curious
  • Comment on Battling flu, Canadiens take Wednesday off (2012-02-22 12:11:54)
    What were you saying in those posts that got deleted?
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 13:51:20)
    How can you say it was Gauthier's idea to get Gomez? Sure he might of been head of pro scouting but that doesn't mean shit. Gainey's GM ultimately and has his own head. He can go out and get his own players too, you know? There's really no foundation to your argument that Gauthier's fingerprints are all over it. No one knows if he's behind it. Gainey's fault as GM. He authorized it regardless of who's idea it was to get Gomez.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 13:47:13)
    Spacek lost a lot of weight during the off season. Showed up in camp fit and was skating much faster than previous seasons. Got the job done defensively. When we got him back we went on a winning streak of 3 games. You're dead on about Kaberle. PK's made the same stupid turnovers that cost us games too.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 13:43:40)
    I think Parise will stay a Devil. There's no way they let that type of talent and leadership go. He's still young. Lou will find a way to fit him.
  • Comment on Multimedia from Monday practice (2012-02-20 13:27:42)
    Need to get a couple things off of my chest this morning. Is all the hate against PG justified? People are saying he's the one to blame for the shitty season the Habs are having. Let's take a look at recent moves he's made or didn't make. 1. Chose to keep Price over Halak despite his MIRACULOUS play in the playoffs. A lot of people thought it truly was the end for Price. Halak had the entire city on his back. He kept the better goalie in the long-run and landed us Eller. He's still developing but he's shown flashes of the great 2-way forward he can be. 2. Let Wisniewski walk as a free-agent. Wiz was likely looking at 4M-5M pear year and IMO he isn't worth that. Do we really want to overpay that much for a D-man solely for his PP skills? He's not soft, but not the greatest in the D-zone. You give that amount of money to a D who plays great in both ends. A franchise D. I wouldn't have signed him knowing Markov is coming around the corner. He needs to re-extend Subban, Price, and Pacioretty in the future, so why tie his hands up by signing Wiz? Wiz was on a break-out career year and would command a lengthy and expensive contract, not the type the Habs could give him having chosen to keep Markov, so he went elsewhere. Markov > Wiz, and by far. Wiz is just as injury prone as Markov by the way. 3. Signed Markov to 5.75M/year for 3 years. Ok, in the eyes of many this is one of his worst moves. Let me ask you a question. Is Markov's failed rehab/re-injury Gauthier's fault? It's either Markov's fault for over training, or it's on the medical staff (see Crosby situation, epic FAIL). Yes....he signed him 3 years despite knowing he's injured the same knee consecutively. But let's hypothetically assume he signed Markov to a safe 1 year deal. Would this season be different? Would Markov be in the line up? He would still not have played a single game this season, and we would still be sitting where we are in the standings. Voila. 4. Erik Cole.....Erik I need to say it a 3rd time? 5. Alexei Emelin. Need I say more? 11th in Hits among all skaters, 4th among all defensemen. In his 1st year has already proven he'll be a top 4 in MTL for a long time. Exactly the type of physical D we needed. And we still haven't seen his offensive upside. It's his first year so his comfort isn't at the highest. Wait till he settles down and is used on the PP. Good vision, good first pass, and a good shot. Just look up his videos from the KHL. 6. Diaz. Although small, he's fast and smart with the puck. 7. Gorges 6 year extension. #1 in the league with 171 blocked shots. Future Captain. Imagine the pain and agony we would have gone through had he walked like a plethora of ex MTL defensemen. 8. Spacek trade. Hands down his worst move. Panic move. But the shit had hit the fan before he went out and got Kaberle. He just made it worse, I'll agree. 9.. Cammalleri trade. This happened all too quickly and took time to sink in. For sure could of gotten more for him but Bourque filled the size and grit we lacked. The timing of it was horrible though. During a game? 10. Gill trade. I'm sure everyone agrees when I say he got an excellent return. 2nd + Geoffrion is more than any of us could have hoped for. In my head I thought we would be lucky to get a 2nd. 11. Canning Martin. Who wasn't calling for his head? It's funny that the same people who were calling for his head are now calling for Gauthier's. Some players and 99% of fans were sick and tired of his frustrating system. At the time, I couldn't stand another game of his style. Smart but unorthodox coach. Prefer Cunneyworth's more aggressive fore-checking style. 12. Canning Pearn. lol. Who cares? 13. Campoli. I'll agree it was a bad acquisition. Too soft and unaware defensively. Panic move following bad off-season Markov news. Good news is Campoli is gone at the end of the season. As for Gomez being a hab, purely Gainey's fault. All that said, I'm not a believer that this poor season is to be blamed on Gauthier. Acquiring Kaberle certainly was a terrible move, but the season was already shit before he went out and got him. I'm not implying Gauthier is a good GM, but not implying he's a bad one either. I think people are being way too harsh on him. He's made some good moves and some terrible ones, but what GM is perfect?
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 15:12:52)
    Yeah right. The only reason they took him is because they were getting rid of Kaberle's awful contract and Spacek's finishes this year, ridding themselves of Kaberle's cap hit of 4 something million. Was a no-brainer on their part.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 14:28:06)
    [Edit] Elias Alfreddson Hejduk Lecavalier Iginla Marleau Lidstrom 1 more
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 14:18:48)
    :P can't believe i forgot iginla. i was eager to post it fast so i wouldn't appear to have stolen it off someone haha
  • Comment on Liveblog: The Lars Eller Show (2012-01-04 14:16:09)
    Lidstrom Hejduk i'll edit as i can remember so we're down to: Lidstrom, Hejduk, Alfreddsson, Lecavalier, Iginla, 3 left...thinking. my google tab under address bar never looked so tempting Edit: Marleau! 2 left