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  • Comment on Weary Habs get day off after loss in Phoenix (2014-03-07 15:40:16)
    Did Briere and Vanek play on the same line together in Buffalo? I just think having Vanek playing on a third line with two highly skilled players would cause some fits for other teams trying to match up. I like Pleks line as a shut down line playing against other teams top lines. DD--Max--Gally Pleks--Gio--Eller/Bournival Briere--Chuck--Vanek White--Prust--Bourque/Moen
  • Comment on Habs acquire defenceman Weaver from Panthers; Price back on ice (2014-03-04 16:50:06)
    I am sure I will take a lot of heat on this post, but who here would take a chance on Gaborik. I heard Columbus doesn't expect much in return for him since he is UFA this summer and given our in ability to score goals he could be a good fit. The only risks would be him getting injured, which given his history is likely to happen and if he would disrupt the chemistry in the room. I would like to see him line up with Pleks and Galchenyuk. Gaborik seems to be a similar player to Kovalev and he turned out to be pretty good trade deadline pick up for the Habs
  • Comment on Galchenyuk sets sights on Sochi with Team USA (2013-08-29 16:20:45)
    Just got tickets for Canadiens vs Red Wings on Jan.24 in Detroit. Going to take my boy to his first game, he will be just under 2, so he doesn't need a ticket! Which works out good because I will probably spend most of the game chasing him around Joe Louis. Anyways, it's a Friday night game, so I am going to brave it and stay over in Detroit, yikes! Would any of you know what hotel the players stay at well in Detroit? Or would they fly back to Montreal after the game because they play Saturday? Thanks, Kap
  • Comment on CBA talks turn sour (2012-08-10 13:48:32)
    I was planning on taking a family trip to The Molson Center (is that the name know??), but yet again, just like 7 years ago the fans are getting screwed. This makes me wish that I wasn't a sports fan. I think I should steer my son not to be a sports fan. So that he doesn't have to suffer the bitter dissapointment in something he loves. This pisses me off!!
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 11:42:50)
    $7 million for Semin is crazy. Does that mean AK47 will be looking for over $5 million a season? He is a similiar type player...
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 08:48:22)
    I think what Habfan10912 might be referring to is the comments that were made after the Bruins were beat out of the playoff's by Joel Wards goal this past spring... There are lots of examples of racism in sports from fans. But when a superstar player goes on the record with racist comments it makes the whole team look bad. TT should be banned from Facebook. I sure the Bruins will be putting that in his next contract. If they decide to keep him after this whole debacle.
  • Comment on The Cup is ours! (2012-07-13 08:53:44)
    Thanks to everyone who responded to my post yesterday. Special thanks to Hali Hab for the great advice. We can't hardly wait to get out East and see some more of our beautiful country! I heard the tall ships are coming in to Halifax Harbour well we are there, so that should be a nice site. Thanks again. Kap
  • Comment on The Cup is ours! (2012-07-12 15:39:09)
    Hello fellow Hab Fanatics, I am on this site everyday reading post... I usally don't have time to post myself because I am "suppose to be working". Anyways, I am leaving for Halifax tomorrow and was looking for some advice on the restaurants and things to do from the locals there. We are also visiting Annapolis & Lunenburg... Thanks in advance Kap
  • Comment on Post-Kostitsyn era begins in Tampa (2012-02-28 07:42:17)
    I heard on my local news station last night that The Habs aquired the rights to Radulov in the Kostitsyn deal, but I haven't read anything about that part of the deal on this site or anywhere else? Did The Habs aquire Radulov's rights? If so what are the chances they can persaude him to come play in the NHL? We had success convincing Emelin...
  • Comment on Busy Thursday in the NHL (2012-02-17 08:01:19)
    The Pacioretty story posted is heart warming. I got a little teary eyed reading it. Patches has really become a great role model. I think we could all take some of his advice. There is all more important then points or Habs winning or losing.