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  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Sekac looking good in bleu-blanc-rouge (2014-12-21 10:23:07)
    I would be interested to know what the future is for Nikita Scherbak with the Habs; only 19, RW and around 180 lbs . versus Michael McCarron same age around 230 lbs. I understand that these are two different styles of players, but if this is the future, where do they fit with Sven Andrighetto and Brendan Gallagher , who are both smaller wingers. (I'm taking Weise and Parenteau out of the equation) and are these players 2 or 3 years away? Save the planet. Compost a Leaf.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 14:24:41)
    It was VERY painful that you brought that up....
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 14:20:35)
    Welcome back.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 14:19:17)
    I agree with much of what you said , but as an HIO observer that infrequently posts, I suggest that DD is not a target here "Just as he’s popular on RDS and with franc0ph0ne fans due to his heritage, he’s a favourite target on HIO because of it also. His utility as a player is even more under the microscope because there is a significant segment of members on here who will attribute such a player’s presence on the roster and icetime solely due to marketing reasons." He just isn't a first line Center; he does not match up in todays' game. Similar to Gallagher, I don't believe his heart or attitude is in question; to be candid I don't believe either would be on a roster in their current roles playing out West. Therrien plays the cards he is dealt and does not always play them well. IMO, DD is where he belongs: 3rd line, 14-16 minutes per game matching against the opposition 3rd and 4th lines.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 12:00:01)
    Agreed. Seidenberg is strong on the check, but it was just a minor penalty that looked a lot worse than the intent.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 11:58:20)
    Pat Hickey says: "Still unanswered is how Desharnais will fare without Pacioretty." Need an answer? Probably no better than he did with him.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-10 09:17:05)
    You call "malhotra is useless. pay him to coach faceoffs & get someone in there who does something." Then you suggest Bournival to replace him as a 4th line center, who should look out for a Hudon call up. So now, you suggest a left winger who has one goal in 57 games, replace a top 5% face off PP specialist, who should both be on the look out for a 5th round draft pick that has never played an NHL game; and this is a 5'10" 180 lb Center I assume you are putting in front of the net.. We already have one of those. Manny plays his game, and does it well. HE doesn't play the P.P, because he doesn't have that skill. Our other Centers have improved with him there, and he has provided Pleks with more ice time in offensive zone work. What Manny does do, is provide puck possession from the defensive end, and you can't break out without possessing the puck. Fundamental hockey is what he provides.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-10 07:39:44)
    Really want to take the best puck possession Center we have and put him out of position? Face off percentages pretty clear that M.M is superior. IMO, Bournival at Center = a lot of time in your own end of the rink. Save the planet. Compost a Leaf.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-04 10:10:23)
    Wasn't a great game by any stretch, but I've the opinion watching Sekac on the boards and on the back check, just how much he reminds me of Marion Gaborik. I'm looking forward to his evolution. I would like to see him on 2nd line, with first PP time.
  • Comment on Canadiens legend Jean Béliveau dies at age 83 (2014-12-03 09:05:15)
    Well said.