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Habs fan since: 1989
Favorite current player: Andrei Markov
All-time favorite player: Guy Carbonneau


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  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 23:21:34)
    YES.......saw them live tonight and couldn't believe it.....other than Gardiner who's like lightning......Gunnerson is avg but all the remaing Def is really SLOW....was really surprised as was my buddy who's a leaf fan and was raving about them b4 the game
  • Comment on Liveblog: Not dead! (2012-01-21 23:12:21)
    Just got back from the game tonight.....absolutley tons of HAB fans in attendance.....was great to see.....singing OLE...OLE...OLE in the concourse on the way out was Priceless......been a while since I saw a victory in TOR........never surrender boyz
  • Comment on The Boston boos (2011-04-16 16:00:34)
    Was listening to Boston radio station The Hub after game #1 and they were already blaming Kaberle for the loss.....they don't think Price is any good and was lucky last game and some guy phoned in and called Chara the 7 fort comical, if they lose tonight, give it a try as I was entertained for hours after the game
  • Comment on The Boston boos (2011-04-16 15:54:36)
    Tom Pyatt was dynamite in Game #1, no way he sits.....he seems to raise his play for the post season....Go HABS Go !