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  • Comment on Bergevin finalist for NHL’s GM of the Year Award; Subban joins Team Canada (2013-05-12 19:04:34)
    Hopefully we get a true shutdown pairing going. Bouillon is a good 6-7th d but we need size and physicality, Ottawa was just crashing and screening all series, our D couldn't out muscle them. Similarly we need our forwards to charge the net, without Cole around seemed like nobody was willing to go to the hard areas except Gallagher. I'd get rid of Diaz, DD, Ryder, Gionta and maybe even Markov. We should find Tinordi a veteran shutdown dman (Chris Phillips type) to play with could be a good pairing, he's got the tools lacks the experience.
  • Comment on About this season … and next season … and the one after that … (2013-05-10 13:16:04)
    Pretty good season though we sputtered into the playoffs.. I think MB has to address the size issue on defense. Subban, Gorges, Markov & Tinordi are a solid core, we need 2 more big tough guys hopefully someone with a hard slap shot.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 03:21:06)
    AV's a career choker
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 02:56:47)
    Hire Guy Boucher
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 02:43:06)
    Well it's unfortunate that we're down in this series we should have won game 1 & game 4 and be up 3-1 but it is what it is, a learning experience for our young core. I hope somebody wakes Michel Therrien up that Diaz is not a top 4 defenseman and is a liability whenever he's on the ice. Georges can't do anything when Diaz won't block a floater in OT and screens our goalie at the same time, it's ridiculous that this scrub keeps getting rewarded and fails. Bring in Drewiskie or Beaulieu or Kaberle but please sit Diaz, we can still win this series.
  • Comment on Subban’s stock falling with each Habs win (2013-01-25 23:00:24)
    Trading Subban is as dumb an idea as trading Patrick Roy. People here fantasize we're going to get fair value, we got mid-range prospects for Halak coming off a huge playoffs. There's no way we get fair value for one of the best young defensemen (top 5) in the NHL today. Give Subban 5 mill/year and dump Kaberle it pretty much balances out in our favour big time. People get giddy we won a couple of games, Markov is one hit into the boards from sitting out another two years, and where was the offense vs Toronto? Diaz & Kaberle on D is a bad combination regardless, Subban can play against the best in the NHL and comes out on top more often than not.
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 11:05:55)
    Cammalleri got a long term deal @ 6 mill/season from MTL, he hasn't even touched 54 pts or 30 goals since then. Semin on a long term deal is worth at least 6 mill, the extra million is so he signs a 1 yr deal. If he pans out I'm sure Carolina will resign him for less with longer term. Shane Doan isn't worth 7.5, dunno who would be dumb enough to offer him that for 4 years, or what all the hoopla over him is over anyway. I'd rather sign AK46 back for 40 pts at least we know he's got chemistry with Eller.
  • Comment on Predators match Flyers’ offer for Weber (2012-07-25 12:16:07)
    You know what if Gomez can't produce, at worst we can convert him into a speedy shutdown center, he is a product of the Jersey system...
  • Comment on Habs’ division rivals not quiet (2012-07-06 17:27:33)
    Unless we get some offensive help our team isn't looking too good. There will be some dropoff in the dd-cole-pac line as theyll be given more attention from other teams. Gionta is coming off another injury, T. Plex has no regular linemates, Bourque is a 3rd liner. If this team is going to make some noise they'll need Gomez to find his game from his first season in MTL and put up at least 50 pts, and Markov has to find his game & stay healthy, otherwise I see us losing a lot of 3-1 games.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blow 4-1 lead, win shootout (2012-03-01 18:35:52)
    You're right, Price has matured significantly, 2 or 3 years ago he had this habit of completely blowing leads in the 3rd period game after game, he has refined his game a lot. Going forward with Gorges, Emelin, Subban & Diaz (maybe Markov) defensively this team will get better unfortunately more often than not our offense lets us down.