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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-06 16:47:22)
    Boone - i know we all want to see the ENTIRE game dominated by Les Habitants, but hey: They beat the Sens! Let Koivu have a less fruitful season; let Ryder 'ride' the bench. If they win- they win! JB
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-11-20 12:30:30)
    Guy21 - you are right. simply outworked/hustled/played. That's bottom line. although...scorers can be had on any team. Ryder is streaky, just hasn't found his timing yet (*hopefully he will soon) kovy is playing very good all around hockey, bothways (most of the time) which is excellent. but we need higgins and pleks to start hitting the stride with G's and big plays soon. that all comes from where? HARDWORK - Legs moving - brains on standby and play the way they know how! JB
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-11-20 12:15:07)
    Anyone think Price would have fared any better in this contest. (here nor there, but makes for good debate). Hope the habs can pick up the trails of the defense and put it together. it's there, but they are not focused; like Pat said, they are not able to run-and-gun with these guys (Sens). JB
  • Comment on (2007-11-20 12:12:31)
    what the **** is Grabovski doing here/ looks like he's shooting it in? get your stick down and get on a man for god's sake. Team defense is not a strong point in the Habs so far... I know the Senators are good, but the habs gave up WAY too many chances. The habs can keep up when they are focused, but they weren't last night. JB
  • Comment on (2007-11-18 23:51:44)
    thank god Huet doesn't wear a ball cap on the bench...he doesn't does he? i think that's screwy.
  • Comment on Game 19: Habs offence explodes against Bruins (2007-11-17 15:51:06)
    Hope Price will lead again tonight with his character and patience; not that Huet doesn't...it's just different. When is Koivu going to get some G's??? JB
  • Comment on Line of the day (2007-11-16 16:32:40)
    It's a long season. Issues in goal and Ryder & goalscoring will work themselves out. Hopefully health will stay consistent. They are a great team, or seem to be so far. Glad to hear Kovy is playing both ways and with passion! Go Habs - !! JB