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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 10:58:08)
    That´s right to a certain degree but to say you have to trade either Plekanec or DD is like saying you have to trade either Price or Tokarski. Plekanec is a very important and valuable player still the best center we have.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 10:54:09)
    Trading Eller is a dumb idea. Just imagine Plekanec gets injured. Who would play against the top lines? A 20-year old Galchenyuk or even DD? That would be a disaster. I´d give the Jets Emelin + DD + 2nd rounder for Wheeler but not Eller.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 10:48:37)
    Emelin makes too many mistakes and he unfortunately just isn´t a top 4 player. For a number 5/6 he is too expensive and he keeps Tinordi out of the team. Physical play is overrated btw.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 09:16:19)
    I agree. Nothing personal but just one thing that I don´t get. After so many years with Eric, Jordan and Marc, people still spell them "Stall" instead of "Staal". Why? It´s a serious question btw. Maybe there´s something difficult about it. I also don´t get why so many people have problems with "ie" and "ei". Niederreiter for example gets misspelled most of the time.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu will be in the lineup for Habs against Canucks (2014-12-09 12:59:14)
    So ice the puck or chip it up the boards like anyone else and you´re fine?
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-09 11:24:52)
    Wow, what a joke! I understand the first point very well but what I can´t understand is that people think mediocrity is acceptable. We have a french speaking GM and I´m sure almost everyone could live with a good non-french speaking coach if you gave him one or two french speaking assistents. But no, let´s take Therrien who is just not good enough. Ignorant is the fact that we think we can be as successful as possible this way. We can´t. We have a great core of players, maybe the best Head Scout in this league but the coaching staff is mediocre at best, even less in Hamilton. That´s sad and it has to change. If our GM had the chance to trade for two equal players, one from BC, the other one a french speaking player from Quebec City, of course he should take the latter (though there are never two equal players). If he has the choice between a mediocre french-speaking Head Coach and a good HC who only speaks english, he has to take the latter as well. Anything else is just stupid and hurts this team. Does anyone really want that? Do you honestly think that anyone (probably Therrien included) ever really saw DD as a good fit on the first line? A player that so easily gets pushed of the puck, someone who is soft, someone who doesn´t trust his own shot and rather passes to someone who sometimes isn´t even there? Do you honestly think that? No one has ever called me xenophobic. That really made me laugh! Maybe you´ll never understand how stupid that was but thanks for the laugh.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-09 11:06:23)
    Do you honestly think he was hired because he was considered the best possible HC available? That´s truly ridiculous.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-09 10:16:50)
    Totally right. Funny that some still don´t want to see that. We should have traded DD long ago for a winger, maybe along with a prospect and a pick. Galchenyuk could have started on the third line with Plekanec and Eller on the first two. 29 other teams probably would have done something like that but no, we´re in Montréal. We need a french speaking coach even if he´s mediocre at best and a french speaking forward among our top scorers even if he´s just there because he plays with one of the five best goalscorers in this league...
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-09 08:12:45)
    People are really having doubts about Galchenyuk at centre? Just keep the expectations realistic. For me he just has to be a little bit better than DD for now and I´m sure he will.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 09:02:59)
    Yes because Therrien should never have been hired. Call it old and tired but it´s right at the same time. Yes, Calgary still isn´t a good team. They have been doing well but the Flames won´t make the playoffs. A team that´s having trouble scoring should call up de la Rose instead of Andrighetto or Hudon? That´s funny. Whatever the alternatives could look like, the current system/coaching don´t work. The worst thing about it? It´s so obvious. There´s so much potential being wasted and some fans can´t see it and think that it´s the players who aren´t better. Sad. It would be up to the media to ask Bergevin and Therrien some serious questions. I don´t expect that to happen anytime soon. On the other hand it´s quite interesting to follow someone like Arpon Basu on Twitter. Of course he isn´t that direct but his opinion of Therrien isn´t higher than mine. Btw: I saw Therrien getting outcoached by Vigneault. The latter had figured out how to beat the Habs and Therrien had no answer. Losing Price didn´t help of course,