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  • Comment on It’s time for hockey fans to vent (2012-10-07 18:05:15) defines 'masochist' as " a person who is gratified by pain, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others." The only thing that's missing is a picture of a typical NHL fan. Ironically, we - the NHL fans - being the consumer of the product called 'NHL hockey', hold the gold. Unfortunately, we'll also be more than happy to dole it out after we've been left twisting in the wind for who-knows-how-long this time around. If, in some imaginary time in the future, we decided to stop caring about the owners, the players, the merch, the blogs, the tweets and ultimately, the games, this lockout silliness would never happen again. I give Gary B. credit for showing the fortitude not to bust out laughing after his "we have the greatest fans in the world" comment, knowing that he could've used way more colourful and accurate adjectives. In the end, we - the fans - really have no one to be angry at but ourselves...