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  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 19:59:36)

    Insane?? no insane is coming way out of your net to try and play a puck you have no buisness playing, while leading 1-0 in an elimination game in the opponents rink thats the insane brain camp jaro just commited.


    there is NO question he has been the hero of the playoffs and the BIGGEST reason the habs are where they are,but that was the wrong call and it failed miserably...that one is on him...i have confidence he will bounce back we need him to bounce back because he seems a little nervous since the goal and so does the team.

    but dont say that it was the right call because it wasn't. he is the MVP of the playoffs for sure but that does not mean he is imune to criticism.

  • Comment on Michael F. Leighton (2010-05-18 20:01:45)
    I see your point and I agree on some levels but why can't you throw ak46 a bone tonight and say your happy he had a great period??
  • Comment on Not a single break (2010-05-08 21:08:34)
    Of course not tickets prices could be doubled next year and 21273 will still pack the booth evrey night just gotta figure that mtl, tor will be raising prices next year
  • Comment on Not a single break (2010-05-08 21:05:50)
    Did you really need to put an space next to each letter??? Does someone need some attention?
  • Comment on Not a single break (2010-05-08 20:58:00)
    Anyone wanna bet the Habs are 1 of the 12 teams who are raising ticket prices?? Let's go get 3 in the third boys I say cammy. bergeron on the pp and Moore with an ugly game winner
  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 23:24:02)
    Just got home put on canadiens exress the gill slash was the most delayed penalty ever it was like 5 sec after the play Crosby says something to the ref and the arm goes up
  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 22:08:20)
    Great win tonight couldn't watch had too listen to Murray Wilson saying PK should be benches anyway... Won't coment on refs didn't see any of the calls but it sounds like te boys beat more than just the pens tonight... A little off topic but Johan franzen has 4 goals and 2 assists tonight what a machine! Go Habs go bring home a 3-2 lead!
  • Comment on How huge was that? (2010-05-02 16:45:57)
    I think jm wanted more of a defensive presence out there hey Andrew total time on ice combined for darche and Maxwell 1:58 that says a hell of a lot more don't you think?
  • Comment on How huge was that? (2010-05-02 16:36:05)
    That better be a suspension regardless if mab is injured
  • Comment on How huge was that? (2010-05-02 16:33:59)
    WOW what a Clutch player cammy leads the league in goals!!!