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  • Comment on Liveblog: Barnburner at the Bell, and another L (2011-10-22 20:59:29)
    Absolutely no clue why Cole isn't playing more, especially on the PP.
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 18:52:33)
    Ya, maybe you're right. Your websites hits would be down with half of the HIO readers kicking the bucket from heart attacks.
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 18:40:42)
    Question of the day...... In retrospect, should have PG re-signed MAB?
  • Comment on Canadiens sign D-man Campoli, announce cuts; Gallagher still on roster (2011-09-26 17:09:49)
    As much as the possible Markov implications bother me, this could very well just be depth signing given the performance of the young guys (ie Yemelin) that most of us thought would round out the d-core. I'd rather this signing now, then have to make a trade before the deadline, as has happened in the past. Imagine having to trade a 2nd round pick for him because of underperformance/injuries!!!
  • Comment on HIO live-blog MIA (2011-09-26 16:57:33)
    I have to agree with you. I really questioned this signing once first announced. Going into camp, I thought that Yemelin and Weber would play alot better, and round out the D group, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Depth at D is never a bad thing. And once Markov gets back, we can be sure that there will be more injuries on the back end to follow.
  • Comment on Habs camp teams formed (2011-09-16 11:00:30)
    I agree with the top 6, and you might be right about the 3rd line, but Team C has the entire bottom 6, including Endquist who could be a dark horse. I think the bottom 6 are the only lines that are undetermined going in.
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 09:32:12)
    Agreed. In a perfect world, as per my last post, I'd like to see Halpern's replacement being a guy who can win faceoffs and add a physical edge - not easy to find.
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 09:28:20)
    The difference between Cole and a trio of players - Brunette, Torres and Halpern, is that neither of those 3 players is a top 6 forward, Cole is. I would have liked to seen him sign for about a million less, and about a year less, as you said, but unfortunately, I don't think it would have happened due to the market conditions. Mtl. had a big time need for a big winger who can score. That need has been there for years, and it was finally filled (obviously Max Pac helped to fill that last year). I love the fact that Mtl. now finally has 2 scoring lines that they can role, that should be consistently dangerous. They have a 3rd line, with AK, Eller, Moen, that has the ability to add pressure with their offensive skills and forchecking (AK and Moen). As for the fourth line, it will be a bit of a mish-mash of a line - DD and Webber primarily for PP usage and White and Darche to add a bit of muscle and some energy. What I would like to see - a faceoff specialist and real tough guy. I hate to admit it re. the tough guy, but I unfortunately think that one is needed. All in all, Mtl. filled it's biggest need yesterday, and the team is quite a bit better than last years version.
  • Comment on O’B traded (2010-11-11 16:45:53)

    I like it.  Not only do we get a decent prospect back, but we get rid of OB's salary.  What about a Guerin signing for 1 year with that cap relief?

  • Comment on Can’t do in Kanata (2010-09-25 20:25:01)

    I don't speak French, and that could be partially why I'm so confused, but I am baffled by this RIS broadcast.  I don't know why they miss chunks of the game, and keep showing these commentators.  What are they saying when they are shown for like 5 minutes while the game is being played?