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  • Comment on We have a series … and Canada’s Team is in trouble (2011-06-07 04:05:46)
    The Bruins are a reflection of their Neanderthal fans. Running up the score and rubbing it in with stupidity in a Stanley Cup game. The score was not 8-1. It was 8-1-1 with the last digit indicating Horton out. Yes, Rome must be suspended, hits like that must be taken out of the game, God hopes that Horton will okay very soon, but this serves the Bruins' culture so right. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. How can anyone connected with Boston say anything after they all silently applauded Chara's intentional maiming of Pacioretty? No diagnosis on Horton from Dr. Recchi this time? No suggestions that Horton embellished? And what did Father Neanderthal have to say about his second favorite team running up the score in a series where goal-for-and-against matter less than in a regular season game? Sadly I can't see Vancouver turning this around. That team's depth is a myth and their D-corps don't have one single standout and no one who can run the PP. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on We have a series … and Canada’s Team is in trouble (2011-06-06 20:54:01)
    Terrible for Horton, but what goes around Comes around. Remember, this is the Same crowd that applauded the League decision about the infamous "Hockey Play". Watch the Garden Animals, Julien, Chiarelli and Touch Guy Neely Call for Suspension. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Canucks take 2-0 lead (2011-06-04 23:09:43)
    Skrudland's Record Nine seconds from 1986 stays, asst from Lemieux and McPhee. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Canucks take 2-0 lead (2011-06-04 15:59:41)
    I hated the Nordiques in the 80s, but I like them today and want them back. I have even purchased a Nordique T-shirt. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Teeing up Game 2 (2011-06-04 14:46:42)
    Trunev scored 1 goal in 39 games for Severstal in KHL, He is almost 21. This is not the development you want. But as opposed to Avtsin he plays in the KHL which is a good thing. They practise more and better than most AHL teams. He may take many years like Yemelin. Just stay away from AHL. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Teeing up Game 2 (2011-06-04 13:41:06)
    Datsyuk played four seasons in the top Russian league before transferring and he didn't go to the AHL. He went directly to Detroit. Avtsin is not close to that. If Avtsin were a prospect he would first be a valuable player in the KHL. Thank you for clarification about Leblanc. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Teeing up Game 2 (2011-06-04 12:53:46)
    You read it here first - Avtsin will not be a player. Forget him, waste of time. When was the last time you saw a Russian player become a NHLer, when: a) Never been a regular in the top Russian league. b) Never played in the Russian national junior team. c) Made the trip from zero to hero in the AHL. Anyone, just one? The Canadiens management are hoping for miracles, but they don't happen often. Leblanc should have stayed in college, not Harvard but in a good hockey college. I am afraid that LL will not become a regular. I just saw an English football player score. Miracles do happen! Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Teeing up Game 2 (2011-06-04 12:38:45)
    Before the series I was reading about the Canucks' depth. I can't see that depth. Their fourth line is of much lesser value than the Habs' fourth line. Tambellini, Oreskovich are stiffs who are not getting any minutes. Depth? Bruins have Ryder, Seguin. England is so bad it's laughable. Don't English football players practise? And their goalies - bah!! Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Teeing up Game 2 (2011-06-04 12:33:28)
    I am watching one of the most embarrassing sports spectacles possible. I am watching England try play football = soccer, vs. Switzerland. England, who invented this game, is so incredibly bad that it makes you cry. There is not a single English player who can handle the ball, never mind make a pass. If I would be an English football fan, I'd shoot myself. Rusty Stubb
  • Comment on Video: Habs react to Game 5 loss to Bruins (2011-04-24 04:59:25)
    The only good thing about this game was that it is now proven beyond all doubt that we have four centres who are better then Gomez; Pleks, Eller, DD and Halpern. All are also better on face-offs. JM's biggest mistake, and something that will always haunt him, is the fact that he doesn't manage capability. He manages salaries. There is of course no way Gomez would get the ice time he gets had he not made the money he makes. Let's pray that DD can play on Tuesday and then it's finally time for JM change the composition of the team. Some GMs have buried major salaries in the minors. The least JM should do is give Gomez fourth-line duties and time. SHAME ON YOU MARTIN IF YOU DON'T REWARD PERFORMANCE!