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  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff hopes flicker (2012-01-18 20:49:19)
    let him win a important game then start bragging about the golden one
  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff hopes flicker (2012-01-18 20:11:52)
    thats our 7 MILLION DOLLAR man lol
  • Comment on Liveblog: Man, they needed that! (2012-01-16 01:06:57)
    price doesnt deserve 7 million dollars a year he hasnt won squat bail your team out once in a while? yeah a little support helps! to. but dont duck when a shoot comes at your head and enough with all the rebounds. one of the better goalies in the league when hes on his game ,but got to win some to
  • Comment on Barch suspended one game for shot at P.K. (2012-01-06 08:45:05)
    this is a montreal canadiens web site go post your bruins love stuff on their site
  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-21 02:37:05)

    subban is the future of this team period

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-21 02:35:27)

    gomez is a gomer and should be shipped out , but we need his skating the puck up the ice nobody else can do this but for 8 million dollars  come on give us a break  he was laughing on the bench when habs were up 4-0  and the next powerplay he didnt do nothing . he dont care and then take that stupid penalty against buffalo in overtime or just before  the end of the period. thats being selfish and you cant be that way unless your the 8 million dollar loser that he is

  • Comment on Game 41: Pouliot, Price sink Penguins (2011-01-06 15:29:58)

    a little thought here islanders acquired  wiz from anahiem for a 3rd round pick looks like a better deal than p.g. that 2nd pick could be used to take a kid thats rated 82nd overall 6`1 190 lbs philippe hudon plays like lucic and is a big habs fan and is from montreal, just got think ahead thats what p.g and b.g dont do

  • Comment on Moving right along … (2010-06-28 06:38:13)

    HI every time I think of habs trades I always got to wonder whats there game plan?here P.G. and Gainey Talk about the future, they trade 1st and a 2nd pick to Cal. for Tanguay in his final cont yr at 5.5 mil he leads the team in scoring until he gets hurt . then they let him go , he signs for 2mil with tampa.then they  trade 2nd pick for Moore. for 1/4the season let him go.trade halak for eller &shultz, oka but dont try to switch picks with stl. to moveup in the draft. in what they new they needed to do to get Tinordi. instead they waste another 2nd pick to trade up to phx. how is this looking to the future ? got to wonder whos captain on this ship.

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-19 01:33:15)

    thats not even a problem to worry about because if Halak signs with anybody else st louis gets 2 1st round picks doesnt seem a problem to me

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 22:23:37)

    hey guess what got home after listening to a sports show Blues GM Doug Armstrong said how the trade went down they were asking about one of habs goalies thinking no way it would be Halak and was shocked when Gauthier saidHalak and he would like prospects armstrong said what about Eller and schultz . gauthier said how did they play this year armstrong said Eller was close and schultz is farther away from making it . Gauthier said oka sound good. thats the deal . no scouting just another gm word