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  • Comment on Another humiliation (2011-03-30 14:40:41)
    im guessing because it has to be easier to play in NSH than in MTL when it comes to fans/media. i'm sure he's getting way more minutes playing down there too than he would have if he were up here. im glad he's doing well though!
  • Comment on Another humiliation (2011-03-30 14:39:36)
    i have to say, looking at the teams montreal is playing til the end of the regular season....... montreal has it "easy" none of the teams are in a playoff spot (currently) but we all know what happens when Mtl plays the lower seeded teams. it would be nice to finish out the season with all wins! and really, i'd be glad to see Boston in the playoffs....they'll have to goon it up at some point and that's where they'll get caught.
  • Comment on Recchi speaks recklessly (2011-03-24 03:26:40)
    i mean he's pretty smart to take the heat of Chara but Montreal fans are smarter than that. No respect for this guy anymore.
  • Comment on Gill in, Weber out (2011-03-20 13:57:54)
    Auld starts according to my twitter (as per the Canadiens)
  • Comment on Habs opt for rest, Auld vs. Theo Sunday (2011-03-19 22:15:01)
    yeah im only 26 and i can tell you that i dont like this. and i dont care for change much but usually can deal. i dont like this whole only seeing two posts (newer) and what not. i also dont like the idea of uploading my picture to another site to use here, so i guess i wont be using a picture either
  • Comment on Habs opt for rest, Auld vs. Theo Sunday (2011-03-19 18:21:11)
    i do not like this new layout either. at all
  • Comment on Practice cancelled today (2011-03-11 23:14:48)

    good im glad someone can smile around here!! it's been a long few days!

    but then i also smile thinking of my mom and her lack of hockey knowledge. it's really too cute. however she does get a  little angry when my sister and i watch games together. we start out on the couch and usually end up a foot from the tv yelling and throwing our arms.

    its quite a site to see

  • Comment on Practice cancelled today (2011-03-11 21:43:11)

    that's too bad.


    also i dont know why some people (not on here that i read it) that asked why Price was using the term "turnbuckle"

    but i was watching the  US broadcast and they used that term during the actual hit.

  • Comment on A listless loss (2011-03-11 12:40:12)

    thats what the boyfriend had said.....he said that could have been manslaughter and does that make it ok? just because he "didn't mean to hurt him"

  • Comment on A listless loss (2011-03-11 12:30:20)

    i think that they would have no choice but TO do something. its hard to believe since nothing was done about this but there's no way ANYONE would have let them get away with that.

    and can you believe Boston fans giving him a standing ovation? if that was one of our players, i would be absolutely disgusted at the player and the fans. But other than riots, we're a pretty classy bunch of people.