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Favorite current player: Saku Koivu, PK Subban, Michael Cammalleri, Andrei Markov, Carey Price
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  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-22 00:25:17)
    My earlier post was almost identical to yours. We think alike regarding the lineup. My only concern would be bringing up gallagher for duty if injuries call. Hes fresh out of junior, and im of the opinion that these younger players should do at least one full year before even being considered as callups. To my recollection callups were more successfull in this fashion. In this case i would use examples such as Price, DD, PAX, subban and Plex, compared to Lats, Dags, chipchura etc...
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-21 23:54:25)
    Last summer i was looking forward to this season so much! Now i dont really care. I just wan a high draft pick, and im looking forward to next year. Looking to see what the management is going to be, and looking to see what changes are made on the top 9, and im also curious to see if they will keep any of the 2 swiss players.. In my books, The team can live with a bad contract but not more than one. Drop gomer to minors, and you can afford to keep kaberle. Pair him with a solid stay at home D man to cover the defensive mistakes, and who knows it might be effective if kabby can put up 50 pts and 40 assists. That would be best case senario i know. im sorta not going to be too angry if the D looks like this Markov, Emelin Subban, Gorges Kaberle (stay at home D with physical edge) 7th man as one of the swiss? or Both and one plays on offense? (we know injuries will happen) In all D pairings we have a mobile assist machine paired with a stay at home man who will cover the offensive pinches. Out of them the Missing player, along with emelin and subban i would say would have enough of a physical edge on D. not overwhelming, but not to be ignored either. Regarding Offense i see Bourque as a replacement for AK46, and we still need to replace Cammy. Gomez needs to be put in minors. Molson can afford to do so and still spend to the cap. Sure it hurts to waste 7.373 M on salary but making playoffs should cover that. Past round 1 and were talking serious profits for a profitable team anyways. Gionta Plex (Cammy non smurf replacement) Cole DD Pacioretty Bourque Eller Leblanc Staubitz/White/Moen/Darche If anything, and assuming for the sake of conversation there are no injuries next year, i would be more satisfyed with the D than the O. Im also curious to see the contract that Price will sign. I like the incrementally rising contract in his case. Hes making 2.75 now...what about a 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5. 5.5 5 year contract? cap hit is low enough at 4.5, and he gets what i would imagine as fair money. Then again he is one of our more consistent players on an ever rotating lineup, and i see the argument for him to crack 6+ but certainly not in the first 2 or 3 years and even at that i would hesitate.
  • Comment on PuckCast, Vol. 6., No. 3 [Podcast] (2011-10-17 20:20:42)
    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stubbs for the first time at Centre Bell. I was with a friend, and we had a short but interesting chat about HIO, habs, and how HIO is such a great reason to not pay attention in class. Was very happy to have met him, and for the first time i heard his voice LIVE not recorded. Very pleasant person. I think its cool to meet the very people who write things i read! Go habs go.
  • Comment on Team 990 new radio home of Canadiens (2011-06-22 18:58:16)
    I wasnt crazy about CJAD broadcasts, but ill take em any day over the cocky marinaro. last thing i need is to hear his anoyying voice and sense of superiority. Thats why i stopped listning to team 990...darn
  • Comment on Not much time to reflect on Game 6 (2011-04-27 13:39:07)
    Mobile version Boon blog doesnt show up. Ive notiuced this and found it quite furstrating. I also notice the thumbs up and down buttons have been removed. I really liked those.. New comments should be marked. Also i would appreciate it if i was notified facebook style, if someone replied to me. just some of my thoughts. Im not happy at all about the new layout.
  • Comment on Not much time to reflect on Game 6 (2011-04-27 12:19:36)
    HI HB. I do have an iphone, but im not with bell so i cant live stream it...I highly doubt funeral home has TV... so yes you are right i will be technically be going out, but not to watch the game, which is what i did the previous times... IM willing to do whatever i feel will give the habs a best chance to win (even though i dont matter at all lol) So your suggestion i take it is to NOT Pvr it. Im sad, but you might be right...each time i did do that they lost :(
  • Comment on Not much time to reflect on Game 6 (2011-04-27 12:11:16)
    Some points and hopefully interesting stuff from the comentariat. The 3 games we won i went out. The 3 games we LOST i PVR it and saw it at my house. Sadly my uncle passed away, and his funeral service is tonight from 7-10... I dont know what to do....suffer 2X and not watch the game, OR PVR it and watch after, knowing that they will lose cos of this trend... ALSO: do i uninstall the HIO app on my phone to NOT get updates>? or do i WANT updates? I DONT KNOW HELP THIS IS IMPORTANT! HABS MUST WIN!!!
  • Comment on First elimination game (2011-04-26 13:37:16)
    the 2 games we won i went out for the games. the 3 we lost i watched at home what will i do? common sense... BUT If habs lose AND i go out...i will lose my mind
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-17 14:41:34)
    Something i noticed: PK Subban takes penalties yes, but even though he is targeted constantly, he doesnt take stupid retaliatory penalties. That displays a smart hockey sense, and a notion that he cares more about his team winning than personal satisfaction. In my mind, its team effort and a willingness to win that will help succeed. SO far so good. Go habs gO!
  • Comment on Calm before the storm (2011-04-14 14:03:51)
    Go habs go!