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  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 13:40:01)
    Fair point, 24 Cups, but despite the lone goal, he did get 18 points in those 33 games. I wouldn't be interested in him as anything other than a rental and only a relatively cheap one, at that. He still fills a lot of holes. He's a big right winger, he's a possession monster and he has chemistry with Pleks. At the right price...
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 12:53:52)
    BTW, with Eugene's cash flow problems compounded by the tanking loonie, I wouldn't be surprised to see an ownership issue emerge in Ottawa.
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 12:50:34)
    Two quick, unrelated thoughts. 1) With the tanking dollar and its impact on the cap, it's going to be an interesting summer. Teams with cap issues are going to be teams with CAP ISSUES. Also, just how much will ticket prices have to increase North of the border? 2) With the Devils circling the drain, will Jagr be this year's Vanek? EDIT: Ha! Great minds...
  • Comment on Canadiens hit all-star break on a high (2015-01-23 10:37:11)
    Um... Actually the Saudis are upping their output, not lowering it. The target is higher production cost oil, such as shale oil (US and elsewhere) and oilsands bitumen. Both are eating into Saudi market share, so the Saudis are burning investors in those projects in order to reduce their appetite for further investment and, thus, further erosion of the Saudi market share. Hurting the Russians does nothing for the Saudis. Their oil is low production cost. They can still make money at $40/bbl, so there is no reason for them to stop expanding production. If anything, they might accelerate development to offset the lower return. Some oilsands and shale projects, though, would actually lose money at current prices. Whacking Vlad in the privates is just a happy side-effect.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-15 10:21:24)
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-15 08:59:42)
    That was a fun game. The degree to which they outplayed the Blue Jackets in the first two periods had me thinking, "so much for advanced stats." I haven't seen them, but I'm sure that the Corsi and Fenwick numbers were highly favourable to the Habs. The ice seemed tilted and the SOG reflected that. Yet the score was 0-2 past the midway point of the third. This had me thinking about what those stats miss. Team character is hard to measure, but it surely matters. One way it matters is the way they can reach down deep and pull themselves out of a hole. They do what they have to do. Putting my biased perspective on the Habs aside for a moment, let's look at the Ducks. Before last night, they stood second overall, with a Corsi that is marginally better than the Habs', and a team +/- of +3. (Now more than doubled to +7, thanks to the hapless Leafs, but was a razor-thin +1 one game before.) Goaltending has been good, but nowhere near Carey Price good. Some will say that the advanced stats don't lie and regression to the mean is inevitable (i.e. points produced in relation to advanced stats performance). Some will point to Colorado as proof of that. I'm not so sure. I think it can be argued that Patrick Roy's psychological impact on that young team had a lot to do with their success last year. His reputation for winning and fearsome intolerance for failure could have extracted an extra gear from those still-impressionable boys at critical moments. Perhaps, just as familiarity breeds contempt, those same boys (minus some ill-advised personnel moves - thanks, MB) are a little less in awe of their all-too-human leader. I might be counting fairies on the head of a pin here, but I think we're a long way from understanding the full relevance of statistics that go beyond the final score.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk dropped from Canadiens’ first line as Therrien mixes things up at practice (2015-01-12 14:05:01)
    Some slightly startling stuff in the new lines, but the logic is there throughout. Putting Max and Pleks together is probably overdue. Their chemistry on the PK and in OT is obvious. Throw in Gallagher's forechecking and mayhem-making in front of the net and it's a no-brainer. I hate when team over-react to events, and I think putting Prust with Galchenyuk is undeniably linked to the multiple shellackings the latter took Saturday night, but that makes sense, too. Galchenyuk is getting noticed by opponents and he was an easy target without some sort of Cemenko-lite there to keep teams honest. PAP is a pretty good trigger man, so he fits as a complement to our emerging playmaker-in-chief. Would love to see DD and Eller supported by Sekac rather than Weise, but I get that #26 still needs some schooling on the NHL game and probably should have his ice-time limited until he gets a bit more of a handle on his tendency to brain-farts. I bet this one gets tinkered with first. That's a pretty good-looking fourth line, though I wish we had a face-off guy who can also still play with NHLers after the puck-drop. With a fairly solid-looking top four on D, it seems to me that the key gap to fill, ideally on a relatively low-cost rental basis, would be a winger with some finish.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Lightning preview (2015-01-06 12:38:44)
    You mean "winner points," right? Getting a point for finishing 60 minutes of hockey in a tie is nothing new. the absurdity is the bonus point OT - or especially - SO winners get.
  • Comment on Habs trade Travis Moen to Dallas for Sergei Gonchar (2014-11-11 14:10:39)
    Meh. I get the cap move, but I wonder about the plan for this season on D. Are we really sending Tinordi and Beaulieu into a continuous rotation for 7th D/Bulldogs duty at this stage of their development? I realize this provides insurance against the injury bug, but $4.6MM? Other assets on the block?
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-29 11:24:44)
    Uh, yeah. With some guy named Hull on the wing.