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Bring back Zone de Match! :(

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  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 20:16:52)
    Yup, just learned that Chara decided to dive because Canadiens are doing it all the time. Oh Jackie Boy, you'll always find a way to spin it your way. Bring back Zone de Match! :(
  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-27 19:55:42)
    Sweet beejezus... I'm from Poland, I bought ESPN Player streaming pack and thus I am forced to watch this series on NESN. I can't wait till the end on Jack Edwards' constant babbling about Montreal diving. He wouldn't call Thornton's penalty other than "Thornton's ASSIGNED elbow" and puts calls like: "Subban somehow manages to stay on his feet THIS TIME" after having trashed PK for "embarassing dive". Homers like that make sophisticated and weighed fans a rare breed. Bring back Zone de Match! :(
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 20:45:27)
    Sooooo disrespectful ;)
  • Comment on Who else! (2010-10-25 21:39:58)

    Has anyone noticed the name on Gorges' gloves? :)



  • Comment on Preseason Habs on RDS, CJAD (2010-09-22 17:04:56)

    Does that mean that regular season games will be shown on RDS.ca? For fans outside Canada this would be great news - even if it meant we'd have to pay for it.


    Bring back Zone de Match! :(

  • Comment on Surprised? (2010-06-17 17:13:02)

    Whatever. They don't learn. Welcome to yet another year of work-in-progress. And in two-three years maybe they'll draft another hot goalie.


    Bring back Zone de Match! :(

  • Comment on WSGD (2010-06-15 14:50:26)

    If I absolutely HAD TO let one of our goalies go, I would say goodbye to Carey Price. Sorry man, you still rock in my dynasty NHL10 team, but that't the way it goes.

    Halak proved this spring that he is a very capable goalie with glimpses of utter greatness. He is still young, he will develop, but what's more important - he can win now. Halak gained some invaluable playoff experience, won some games against very tough opponents. He gives us comfort of finally putting a tick on the goalie position and figuring out how to improve the rest of the team.

    Price, on the other side, while still a very promising and talented goalie has been guided in a completely moronic way and thus damaged. With Price in nets we have yet another season of trying, of developing, of work-in-progressing and all this... erm... stuff I've heard about since I became a Habs fan. What's more, we don't know if Price's psyche isn't damaged so badly that he never recovers.

    I personally think Price won't ever make it in Montreal. Whatever the reason - bad education at the start of his NHL career, boo-birds in the stands, Philadelphia playoff horror 2 years ago. He needs a San Jose, a Florida or a Tampa to repair his confidence and to play in front of a less passionate (less hysteric) crowd. And now, if we traded him, we would still get some nice return for him. If he screws one more year, he may be worth a box of yoghurt or a pack of kleenex.

    I'm all for Halak right now. Not because I'm European, not because I dislike Price (I quite like the guy), but because it's best for the team.


    Bring back Zone de Match! :(

  • Comment on Flyers get Halaked (2010-05-31 20:21:02)

    What do they smoke at CBC? :D Few nights ago it was McLean in a rocking chair, now Cherry as Phantom of the Opera :D I like sense of humour, but it was 60's freak movie style :D

    Bring back Zone de Match! :(

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 21:41:35)

    Thank you Jaro. Thank you Mike. Thank you Scott. Thank you Tomas. Thank you Josh. Thank you Hal. Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL THE PLAYERS.

    It was the best playoffs of my life, the boys made us all proud.

  • Comment on Heroic (2010-05-24 20:19:08)

    On the other hand - a D-man is way more mobile than a goalie and has more options. But let's not forget - it's very easy to analyse the situation second after second after looking at numerous replays. On the ice there's no time to look through all the options. Anyway, the damage is done.

    Bring back Zone de Match! :(