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  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-21 18:20:00)
    Toe, Pollock, Scottie... Heck even Steve Schutt should be recognised.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-21 07:15:09)
    Seeing MB shape this team into a contender is really something. We best be taking notes. This is a master-class in managing the cap, getting rid of dead wood, and building a contender. They'll be writing songs about this guy. Journeyman defenceman turned management guru.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-21 00:24:02)
    Top of the League baby! Not a bad win against a top 5 side. Can't wait to see the big man in Boston. Go Habs Go! A quick anecdote. I was out with a friend who is a gigantic Wings fan. He hates Allen. Says he is one of the dirtiest players in the League. Known for sticking out the knee when he is beaten on the outside. Apparently he has destroyed Zetterberg's season on occasion...
  • Comment on Canadiens trade Rene Bourque to Ducks for defenceman Bryan Allen (2014-11-20 18:28:08)
    When you look at the Wings and their desperate need for a right-handed Dman, I wouldn't be shocked if we moved someone there, but I don't know who would be coming back the other way beyond some prospects or picks. That could work too... What a stockpile. Bergie sure has pieces he can work with.
  • Comment on Canadiens trade Rene Bourque to Ducks for defenceman Bryan Allen (2014-11-20 17:59:46)
    That pretty much spells out that Tinner and Beaulieu (barring a trade) are going to be playing with the big club next year.
  • Comment on Canadiens trade Rene Bourque to Ducks for defenceman Bryan Allen (2014-11-20 17:47:35)
    You wanted more size on D. You got it. Put Tinner in there too and it's a rather imposing crew. No idea what Allen is like anymore. I know I was keen on him back in the day, but who knows if he can keep up nowadays. Will miss Playoff Bourque, but hopefully Playoff PA and Playoff Sekac more than make up for it. MB just keeps on building.
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 06:11:49)
    No excuses? Hey, that's our motto!
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-19 22:06:49)
    That's good. It's important the media keep underrating us no matter how we end up in the standings. Makes the job of shock and awe a little easier come the real season when the pretenders are gone.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 08:30:27)
    On the whole, I don't disagree. Thing is, Eller isn't a playmaker and he likely won't score 20 even if you tilt the ice his way, put him on the powerplay or ice him with our best two forwards. (That seems to be the consensus of the guys who coach him or pay his salary in any event...) He is however a strong skater, big body, built for the North-South game of the playoffs. With regards to PA, he's a perimeter player. So is Patches to a degree. Asking DD to use PA means sending the little guy to fetch the pucks. That's not a recipe for success. But what could be successful is giving him someone, like Eric Cole, who could score, who could fetch pucks out of corners, and who could serve as a second outlet. PA is often behind the play and not in a position to get fed by DD. Maybe he adjusts, but then he'll need to fetch pucks in corners, and I don't know that he's fast enough for the job. With Eller and Prust however, he wouldn't need to...and he'd help them in the neutral zone. That's only my two cents. I think moving Sekac to the DD line would benefit the team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 04:09:25)
    When we lose... We LOSE. Seems like that's a trend this year. A couple of thoughts. Chucky will soon bury those chances he's creating for himself. When that happens, and it's bound to as our man is one hard working and smart hockey player, those nights when we can't generate any offence will be few and far between. Sekac's rushes remind me of Eric Cole's. He can burn defenders down the right side and there's nothing they can do about it. With that in mind, I'd move him to DD's line. I know, I know... Poor Lars. Our favourite Dane would play with PA, which is what the guys on 98.5 were recommending, as Lars would be well complemented by PA's tendency to be the trailer and a guy who can carry the puck in the neutral zone... which isn't Lars' strong suit. I suspect under that scenario we'd get three productive lines. If DD's line returns to its Cole-era dominance, that would give Chucky and Lars even more favourable match ups. There'd be more goals all around. Just a thought (which I'm sure will infuriate the DD bashers and that, let's face it, is also a good thing...) The Blues are up next. Time to prove we're not just pretenders.