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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 9 – First losing streak of the young season (2013-10-23 00:05:03)
    We agree to disagree. Like I said, EGG line, PK and Price, that is it. Look at the Leafs, Kessel, JVR, Lupul, Kadri, Clarkson, I would take all these guys over Plek, Gionta, Bourque, Max (close with Max but injuries continue to mount ). Throw in a guys like Bolland, McLement and Raymond -it's really not even close (who do we have, Moen, DD, Bournival, White). Maybe I am traumatized and need an old fasion at Schwartzs or maybe Im calling it like it is. Tell me this....Gardiner/Riley or Tinordi/Bealieu (probably way to early to make that call, but if I had, it's an easy choice)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 9 – First losing streak of the young season (2013-10-22 23:23:21)
    Writing from Taranah, missed the game tonight as I went to the Leafs game. From the corner of my eye watched the scoreboard and saw Habs blow a 2 goal lead.....meanwhile Leafs come back from being down 2 to a very good Ducks team. Living in enemy territory and really really kills me to admit it, but I would take Leafs roster in a heartbeat over the Habs. Outside EGG line, PK and Price, rest of the team can be dealt (love Prusts heart, but too injury prone). Max is a 2nd line winger on a good team. DD signing.....brutal, Brier signing...brutal x 2, (still can't believe MB made that move-don't tell me your roster needs to get bigger and than go sign a 5"8 guy in the twilight of his career-not to mention, this is the same guy who stiffed you when he was in his prime) Simply calling it like I see it. Last year, they won the division but only reason was b/c they ran off 12 in a row or something crazy-plus 48 gm schedule, the way they finished, they wouldn't have made the playoffs in an 82 game season. Sad to say going to be a couple of tough yrs ahead.