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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 5: Price brilliant in 4-1 conquest of Canucks (2013-10-13 13:38:55)
    It was a great game to watch live and Pricey kept us in it until our legs got going. Clearly the Canucks have changed to a dump and chase team but the Sedins aren't fleet of foot so they got beat to every puck. Felt bad for Louie because he never saw the puck until it hit his second skate. But from the skytrain ride to inside the rink it was a sea of Hab fans and one Canuck fans said it was embarrassing to see. Outchanted Outplayed and Overwhelmed in the third period. Sad to see the Canuck fans leaving with five minutes to go and their faithful that were left weren't impressed. Between the Go Habzz Go chants and the Ole Ole you couldn't even hear their fans. When the Habzz come to town this whole city looks different..lol Go Habzz Go !!
  • Comment on Tremblay and Roy haven’t spoken since trade to Colorado (2013-05-27 20:35:50)
    Mario has gone as far as he can and will never be a Head Coach in the NHL again. He wanted to send a message to Patrick and it blew up in his face. As a fan since the seventies I have watched a lot of the great teams we had and the number one thing they all had was Passion . They hated to lose and Roy was the reason we won the last two cups. So Mario let his ego get in the way of what was best for the team. I see that same player in PK Subban and if they blow it twice they may never get back to the cup again.
  • Comment on Bergevin finalist for NHL’s GM of the Year Award; Subban joins Team Canada (2013-05-13 02:09:32)
    So how many years have they told us the calls would remain the same in the playoffs ? They won't change in order to cater to the US teams so watching DD on his back for the entire playoffs or Moen skating around counting sheep didn't do it for me. Webber, Moen, Diaz, Dumont, Kaberle, Gorges, White, all need to go. Ryder showed he really didn't want to be here. Gallagher and Galchenyuk played great but if we ever hope to have that Cup held high again we need size. Lots of teams need to get under the cap so Marc this is our chance ...Find us some power !!
  • Comment on Therrien: ‘You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the Senators’ (Video) (2013-05-10 10:34:16)
    I bet they wish they didn't sign DD to that contract . The clear thing now is they are going to change the rules for the playoffs and that change makes it hard on teams with smaller players. With the cap coming down teams will be scrambling to pick up cheaper players. Moen should have been let go with Kaberle. Webber, Gorges, Armstrong. And regardless of being hurt Patches looked soft most of the year as so did Plecanek. It's time to get back to getting a player with fire in his eyes and wants to win . Why don't we use the draft to pick up the best player available and if they don't fit right away we can package them up for some grit. Time to get BIG
  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators draw first blood … literally (2013-05-03 17:09:19)
    What Max isn't playing tonight ? I didn't notice him playing in the first game either. I guess him Price and Plecanek are in golfing mode already. That was a great start to the series and then Carey let that softy go through his legs AGAIN. Is there any chance someone can get him to stand up and make a save once in a while? Long time Habs fan here that was watching games at the Forum when you had to look around posts to see the game and this team needs some heart. PK has the fire but after watching some of the others I don't believe they do. And my last pet peeve is Can you fans at the games just leave the singing to the end of the game so your not motivating the other team five minutes into the third period ? Nothing like giving them bulletin board material during the game is there. If you think that's helping your team it is NOT.
  • Comment on Therrien: “Anderson was the story of the game” (Video) (2013-05-03 00:16:09)
    I think the story of the game is the play of Carey Price. His play has caused the whole team to play different. How can you not remove this guy. No confidence at all and on his knee's before they even shoot. And how many goals is it in the five hole??
  • Comment on Back to work (2012-01-30 10:19:58)
    I would like to commend Hockey inside / out and also the Gazette for being one of the Classy sports blogs for all fans from coast to coast. being born in Montreal in Lachine I am one huge Habs fan and remember going to the old and new forum to see my favored team. Living in Vancouver and driving around with a plate that says HABZZ on it has given me grief but Posting on TSN's Your Call has been the worst experience I have ever had. You have to sit there as a fan and read about how we as fans all suck and our team is useless and the posters from the Toronto area as well as Bruins fans are all allowed to run us into the mud. But should you respond to their rants the TSN police come in (Moderators) and nothing you write will ever be posted.I have posted the cleanest responces to some of the lies that have been posted but nothing comes up after hours of waiting. While fans of other teams call us ever name in the book and they are getting posts through every five or ten minutes. So being out west I thought of the time delay being a problem but that wasn't it. I am a Habs fan and that is why this garbage all goes on. They incite fans from Toronto to get this started and then block the rest. Proof to all of this was this post that I tried that was up in less then five minutes "If I were the Toronto GM I wouldn,t change a thing they are playoff bound" This is the same TSN that wants to expand into your market with TSN2 for the Montreal games. Please read the article from a gentleman named Allan Baylis and I think he says it all. http://EzineArticles.com/6468686
  • Comment on Sailing into the break on a W and a prayer (2012-01-26 10:36:27)
    Ok Max I will give him that but I have no confidence that he knows what to do to get us to the next level. The really good GM,s have the ability to spot talent early on and generally have good conections all around the hockey community. I don,t think he has either.
  • Comment on Sailing into the break on a W and a prayer (2012-01-26 10:15:13)
    Finally a coach that makes the players accountable. Well done Randy and well done Habs. While most of us wanted this team blown up we just got taken to school on what this team can be with a few minor additions and a lot of hard work. I wasn't the biggest fan of Cole when we first got him but I would like to say that I am eating humble pie on that front as he has become one of our best players. We now have instilled an attitude in the room that you have to work hard at both ends of the ice ( Cammy ) and it is paying off. Funny how your emotions can get because one minute I was at Home depot looking for a good strong rope to end my misery and spent the whole of last night with a grin on my face that won,t go away. LOL You have made us all believe again Habs and for that I thank you !! PS Note to PG You sir had nothing to do with this and your time has come !
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-19 09:51:49)
    Geoff Molson stated "As owners, we will be right there with management and the team, building and battling toward our next Stanley Cup.” I wish I still lived in Montreal so I could start a Real rally at the next home game. And instead of handing out little flags I would Present every fan a Paper bag with the habs logo on it and Gautiers name at the top. Mr Molson please just do the obvious and at least give us something to look forward to CAN GAUTHIER NOW !! After fourty years as a fan It was embarrassing to watch Carey "I dont give a dam Price" and the team play that game . Can we not start giving the rookies the rest of the year to get some practise and bring up a bunch of bulldogs to finish the season. See You all NEXT YEAR !!