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bring back Oleg Petrov

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  • Comment on Saturday pre-game reads (2012-01-14 14:04:01)
    whats going on with Alexander Perezhogin??? he has size-bring him back too
  • Comment on Sunday argument-starter (2011-12-11 12:13:20)
    Eller's point production is pathetic. Yes he is playing well defensively but at the end of the day defense first wont win games in current NHL. Same goes for Leblanc. 1 point. Yeah its early but hes here to score not take up a roster spot. Come to think of it, Eller, Darche, Nokelainen, Leblanc, Gomez, Subban, Diaz, Gill, and more are all contributing next to nothing in points. Look at the other teams 4th lines and tell me they dont have more than 5 points ALL YEAR! Our 4th Line- Leblanc, Darche, Nok. 5 frickin points all year -what a joke! way to many guys taking up roster spots. Nokelainen is garbage, his face-off perentage is actually a minus as a Hab. 1 garbage goal. WAIVERS Darche-skates like like my Grandma-1 pathetic goal with all his power-play time-WAIVERS! Are you going to bark all day little doggy? Or are you going to bite?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-06 14:12:07)
    Lets look at the positives in what we have: 1) Arguably the best goalie in the NHL 2) A super-star defencemen 3) a budding center who is strong on the puck 4) young defencemen who are making some mistakes but overall have preformed well 5) some added size up front 6) a great list of prospects 7) an amazing storied franchise with 24 Stanley Cups, long list of Hall of Famers, and a rafter full of retired jerseys 1) Price was horrible to start the year and now he is playing well. Top 10, maybe top 5 2) with one goal all year 3)a budding center with 2 goals the entire year. Terrible point production 4)offensive defenseman who are weak on Def. are a dime a dozen. M.A.Bergeron was free, McCabe is free, etc... 5)size yes I give you that 6)great list of prsopects. When our first few call-ups were Blunden, Pulashaj, and Enqvist then the cabinets must be bare for a few more years. 7) an amazing franchise-yes!! Go Habs! Are you going to bark all day little doggy? Or are you going to bite?
  • Comment on Never in doubt (2011-01-15 22:49:42)

    Few game thoughts:

    Hammer had lots of jump tonight-Did he get lucky last night or something?

    D.Desharnais looks very strong defensively. His shifts seem to be very short versus his other linemates. He is always the first guy off and leaves his forwards offensively to dry as he is subbing. I know he wants to please his coach but finish your 4o-45 second shift.

    spacek and weber look scary.

    Cammy was on fire. He will break out soon. I know - we all say it.



  • Comment on Game 40: Byfuglien, Pavelec save Thrashers (2011-01-02 19:36:01)

    Cammy looked great today, crashing and banging, etc... He was Hungry. 2 good games in a row. I agree about your assesment before the last 2 games.

    I also thought Spacek played an OK game. Who else is going to play against Crosby?? Weber-NO   Wiz-NO 


  • Comment on Canadiens recall David Desharnais (2010-12-31 12:26:13)

    You're written English is good for Yao Ming.


    Are you going to bark all day little doggy? Or are you going to bite?

  • Comment on Ho-hum, another L (2010-12-31 10:37:17)

    A few notes/rant:

    -Everybody's harping on Spacek but Hamrlik has been brutal. He just stands there and pokes at people with one hand on his stick. At least Spacek can still skate.

    -We need D.Desharnais now. He will get points!

    -PK Subban played a very strong game out there with 2 quality big hits and big minutes (23)

    -Pouilot is a waste of space out there. Takes way too many lazy minor penalties lately

    -mentioning minors, Eller has been getting his share of slashing and tripping penalties

    -Pyatt should not play fo us again as he provides NOTHING in the means of offense for us

    -Let's ride AULD- Price has been terrible the last 10 games except maybe 2 periods in Was.

    -Frickin Frustrated right now.

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-29 00:29:27)

    Gomez actually makes 8 million

    His cap hit is 7.3

    Look it up!!


  • Comment on Is there a record for 3-0 losses? (2010-12-28 19:54:54)

    what the was Subban doing on that goal? Denis savard spinarama???


    HAMMER with 9 minutes in the 1st!

    play him 60 minutes. at least he was even +/-

  • Comment on Boxing Day KO (2010-12-27 12:30:17)

    Desharnais will be an NHL with us or somebody else.

    He gives a 100 percent every shift and has the talent to excel on the power-play and with a finisher.

    Tom Pyatt cant hit the side of a barn and Martin continues to use him. We have enough penalty-killers on this team. (Pleks, Moen, Gomer, Gionta, Laps, and now Cammy)