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Habs fan since: 1987
Favorite current player: A. Ovechkin, T. Plekanec, M. Cammaleri
All-time favorite player: Patrick Roy, Mario Lemieux, Peter Forsberg, Paul Coffey


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  • Comment on New season, new division rivals for Habs (2013-07-21 21:56:14)
    1. We lose, in a shootout, so no one really freaks out. 2. Hamilton will have a better season, but still not enough experience to make the playoffs. 3. I think Quebec-native Zack Fucale could be a superstar in this city if he fulfills his potential. Carey is one of the top goalies in the league, but a few years from now, after some experience backing up Price, I could see Fucale taking over as starter and that would be great for Habs marketing. 4. Drafting a man the size of McCarron. This addresses our size issue. It's up to management to develop his NHL-skill so that he can step in and have an impact when he's ready. 5. This is harder than I thought to answer. My first instinct is Josh Gorges. The guy is 110% character, however throughout Habs history, our captain has always been an offensive force, which Gorges is not. My next thought would be Andrei Markov, who was debated to be named captain last time around and was beat out by Gionta. I don't think Markov would re-sign with the Canadiens after his contract expires in July 2014. Unless he took a pay-cut and accept a secondary offense role behind Subban. Which leads me to my choice for Captain should Brian Gionta be moved. P.K. Subban. He's clearly the most offensively talented player on the team. He has the ability to slow down the play. He can devastate opponents physically, and can slip by defenders smoothly. He has a terrific slap shot, and above all, he leads by example.
  • Comment on The Leafs? Really?? (2011-02-25 15:31:06)

    Because every single player that has ever come to the NHL from the KHL became an absolute all-star. Right?

  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 14:49:37)


    Do you think Washington would ever trade Alexander Semin for Zach Parise, straight up?

    I ask because I think he would fire up Kovalchuk, and Washington would have a great American leader added to their line-up, who's a scorer the likes of Semin.

    Also, I ask because Kovalchuk is in my pool. :)

  • Comment on Kovy redux? (2010-12-06 23:15:25)

    I absolutely disagree. Been there, done that with Kovalev. The guy is on his way out of the NHL, we don't need his style of player anymore. We don't need a guy that's fine with not giving 110% every night, because its a tough league.

    Kovy is old news.

    Let's keep the team the way it is for another year, bring up Pacioretty next season.

    GO habs go.

  • Comment on Game 10: Auld keeps Habs rolling (2010-10-29 20:12:55)


    Go Auld Go.

  • Comment on Join HIO crew Thursday to chat Habs (2010-07-13 00:46:41)

    Might as well pack it in then.

  • Comment on Microsummit this week, details to come (2010-07-12 01:28:11)

    your avatar is hilarious hasboon.

  • Comment on Shoot me now! (2010-07-10 15:42:00)

    i love the video! lol the office is my favorite show on T.V. right now

  • Comment on Shoutout to a group of loyal fans (2010-07-10 02:34:27)

    Hey! I was at Manoir tonight too! Sitting in the back corner near the exit and the ATM. Small world eh? And now Le Manoir is open til 3 AM!

  • Comment on Live tonight on RDS! (2010-07-08 13:43:39)

    I loved this special too. It's such a great story told by Reggie Miller and Spike Lee. It makes me wish I was a conscious, thinking human back when this stuff was new