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"We'll be back in the high life again, all the doors I closed one time will open up again. We'll be back in the high life again, all the eyes that watched us once will smile and take us in" - Steve Winwood

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  • Comment on Audio exclusive: Habs’ Gionta, Cole, Gorges on talks breakdown (2012-12-07 08:19:02)
    I am tired of seeing the Make-Whole number (383m, 300m, 191m)...How does this number affect each individual player? I'm hoping someone can help me if I'm off base with my thinking. I admit I'm about to take an extremely simplistic approach to the numbers, but I really need clarification to understand this issue. At the bare minimum, 22 players per roster, 30 teams = 660 players per year (and we know that it is actually closer to 700-750). The NHLPA requires 383million to Make-Whole. Ignoring the 50million for pension from the NHL, The NHL offer is 250million to Make-Whole. Leaving a difference of $133,000,000. Divide that money difference by the players and you get an amount of $201,515 per player. It is probably safe to assume that the league minimum will not go below the 575k (or whatever the actual number is), so there should be no worries of these players dropping down to 300k. What does these players have to lose? 1.5million to 700k player range would probably be most upset with losing 200k. But these players will only have a 5-6 year career earning these amounts to pay for the next 40 years of their life. Is missing a full year of pay a smart move when they only have a short span to earn these dollars? Ultimately these are the players that need to be playing, but also would be most upset with the paycut. Now my real confusion is why the $8.7 million a year, 7m/y, 6m/y, 5m/y are so opposed to accepting the offer and have a 400k reduction (to offset the minimum wage players lack of reduction) from these amounts. Again isn't missing out of 6 million this year, more than they will ever lose from accepting the NHL current offer? I apologize if I rambled, but I just want to get a number and effect placed on each individual players as opposed to looking at the entire combined amount. Are the players being told "You will lose 200million dollars" and they are completely up in arms over the shocking figure or has the math been shown to each individual that if you make X dollars, then your adjusted salary will be Y less? (Which I'm assuming is 200-400k but the ultimate purpose of this post was to see if my thinking is wrong) "We'll be back in the high life again, all the doors I closed one time will open up again. We'll be back in the high life again, all the eyes that watched us once will smile and take us in" - Steve Winwood
  • Comment on Pacioretty wants to model himself after Cole (2012-08-15 13:11:46)
    One of the most complete and thoughtful comments ever posted on HIO. Thank you!
  • Comment on From Fehr to Fisher (2010-08-26 13:28:24)

    What would be we do without RDS!

    But yeah, I'm in NL so our distribution situations are very similar. I believe last year the breakdown was 26 leafs-25 Habs...and you are well aware how that turned out for your Saturday nights.

  • Comment on From Fehr to Fisher (2010-08-26 13:04:48)

    I find it odd that there hasn't been an official release on dvd....and also of the team photo. It's not like the Habs marketing to leave money to be had on the table.

  • Comment on From Fehr to Fisher (2010-08-26 13:02:05)

    The CBC schedule has 29 Montreal games...however how many of these will be the national distribution is the question? I have never had a problem with the amount of Montreal games CBC has scheduled, it is the belief that outside of the GTA, the majority of Canada would prefer the leafs over the Habs broadcast!

    There is a huge probability that 13 Montreal 7.00pm Saturday night games will be a Quebec only distribution.

    A more realistic way of looking at the CBC schedule (from a national standpoint). The leafs will be shown 24 times, and the Habs 16.....unless you live in Quebec, then yes you will outnumber the leaf broadcasts 29-24.



  • Comment on Cammy’s status soars in Montreal (2010-08-13 12:15:12)

    If you're interested, the NHL Network will begin airing the Habs-Penguins series on Monday night at 7 est.

  • Comment on Tinordi spurns Irish for Knights: report (2010-08-12 12:40:10)

    How long ago was this?

  • Comment on Tinordi spurns Irish for Knights: report (2010-08-12 08:36:49)

    Have you ever made a hockey comment?

  • Comment on TGIF (2010-08-06 11:36:15)

    I like how you know this 100%, without a doubt, for sure.

    "In my opinion, it still is a stupid mistake" has a nicer ring to it. Can't fault you for having an opinion. But please don't state it as a fact. Only time will tell.

  • Comment on TGIF (2010-08-06 11:29:31)

    As great as the initial post was by Mark C, this is also a great response.

    It is the "Price sucks", "He's not even an NHL calibre goalie" and "We got nothing in return" posts that has really ruined this site. People don't have to like the trade, but just accept that the trade has been made and give Price the opportunity to win you over. Just acknowledge that fact that there may be a chance that Price may play great...nobody really knows. It is only a guess if he will or won't. Talking in definites is something that is done on here way too much.

    There are an awful lot of things that may or may not happen this season, and posters taking guesses now, so that they can say "I told you so" throughout this season is petty and childish. Sit back, discuss (not argue) and enjoy the ride of watch the Montreal Canadiens compete in another National Hockey League season.

    Your a great poster Chorske, enjoy your posts. Same to you Mark C.