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Saku you'll always be #1

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  • Comment on Bad news piles up (2012-01-12 12:36:58)
    Why would Subban have to go?? This is why the Canadiens are where they are, giving up on young players. He is 22 and in his 2nd year. Give PK some time to develop and improve his game. Pk will be a great defenceman in the future. This season is pretty much over in the sense of making the playoffs but now is a time to let the young players play and gain experience and improve for next year and beyond. Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on Canadiens begin crucial homestand (2012-01-04 13:05:15)
    That trade is crazy. I know Subban is struggling but give up on him for a lazy player like Semin? Giving up on Subban would be a brutal decision by the canadiens. he is only 22, he needs time, he is going to be a great player in time. If Montreal had a couple better defencemen he wouldnt have to play so much. Your source may be a washington fan because that would be a BRUATL trade for montreal to make. I would never take Semin on my team no matter his skill Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on Liveblog: Plus ├ža change … Devils 5 – Canadiens 3 (2011-12-17 18:16:26)
    Excited to see how the game goes tonight! Hopefully guys like Pleky and Cammy can find the back of the net! Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-06 19:44:14)
    They came out flat and down 1-0 to a team they should beat....why am i surprised Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on Wisniewski has shared Markov’s pain (2011-12-06 17:58:12)
    I liked when had Wiz on our team while he was here and would like to have kept him but not at the price he got as a UFA. Wayy to much especailly with Carey needing a long term deal, patches, subban etc. Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on Liveblog: Shootout L … again (2011-12-06 17:52:48)
    1. Not Looking Good 2. I wish 3. I certainly hope so! It would be awesome if he got his 1st goal tonight 4. He would help the game more if he was more consistent. 5. Shamahan Saku you'll always be #1
  • Comment on A work in progress (2010-09-25 21:24:46)

    Good Save on the 3 on 1!!!


    Saku you'll always be #1

  • Comment on Circle the wagons (2010-09-22 21:04:34)

    I think people need to relax....its just PRESEASON.


  • Comment on NHL awards roundup, etc. (2010-06-24 09:08:25)

    I was just reading around on the NHL Awards and came across this quote by ovechkin "'I have the most hard trophy to get -- the players' award,' said Ovechkin. 'So I'm very happy.'...

    You would think by now OV would have figured out that the hardest award to win is the Stanley Cup.

    I am hoping Andrei can find his game. He can be a good goal scorer and be a key part of our team if he can return his form of a couple years ago.

    As for the draft, the players I would like the Habs to draft are (in no particular order): John McFarland, Charlie Coyle, Ryan Martindale (2nd Rd), Tyler Toffoli


    Saku you'll always be #1

  • Comment on Historic!! (2010-05-06 19:52:59)

    I agree the reffing is terrible this game, but if that was one of our players getting their stick broken they would have the same reaction as crobsy on that one! That is why I hate those stupid sticks!

    I predict the habs kill this one off, then in a couple minutes we get a PP and Cammy Scores!!

    Saku you'll always be #1