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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 15:25:31)
    Because we lack depth on D and Markov can still be a useful player. I don't know that Markov is a top 4 defenseman anymore. I guess we'll find that out next season, but he can still help to run a PP that much was obvious in his 13 games. Puck movement was much better and Markov is still very good at keeping the puck in at the blueline. That's something that most of our D don't seem to do very well, including Subban, so we never had much possession time in the offensive zone on the PP, as soon as someone banged it off the boards it was out. Preferably, I see Markov as a #5 D going into next year. Markov - Emelin should be our bottom pairing. With Gorges and Subban as another pairing that means we still need two top 4 D for next season.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 15:18:00)
    I think Subban will be a dominant defenseman by the time he's 26-27 too. Most defensemen's prime begins at that age. Subban not only has an offensive game that will only improve with time, but his physical game is coming along nicely as well. With his dedication to strength and conditioning, he is going to become an immovable force quite soon.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens will draft third (2012-04-10 14:55:51)
    Concerning Markov re: Subban. When Markov picked up his first point of the season on a goal by P.K. Subban Markov joyously leaped into Subban's arms. I think that says a lot more than whatever Markov didn't say for some reporter at an end of a season presser. Regardless of what Markov may or may not think of him, Subban is the future and the present of this young team, and it's Markov that now needs to find his place within it. When you play only 20 games over two years things change in the room. People change. The leadership structure changes. Markov is no longer a core player or leader. The team has had to move on from him out of necessity, and maybe he's finding that difficult. Hopefully, Markov is able to play next year and at a level that he and we all find acceptable. Markov shouldn't be talking about any of his teammates until he can bring something to the ice on a consistent basis. He needs to find his own game before opening up about anyone else's.
  • Comment on It had to end some time (2010-10-30 18:53:38)

    I can't believe how excited I am about Markov being back. The General is BACK!!!! I am giddy beyond belief, which is also making me extremely nervous about the game. *taking deep breaths*

    With a point tonight, Marky passes defenseman J.C Trembly on the Habs' points list. He's only 8 pts back of Brisebois, and the potential to pass Serge Savard this year also exists. I really hope we get him signed and he spends his whole career with the Habs unlike Koivu, who I thought for sure would end his career as a Hab. *sigh*

    I'm looking forward to a good game from both teams considering the mouthing-off Hordichuk was doing about Moen.



  • Comment on No rest for the Canadiens (2010-10-24 20:50:57)

    MacLean was an idiot for doing that. Devils win 3-0 here and he decides to make a major change to the line-up the next game? Seriously stupid. Kovalchuk wasn't horrible. Invisible, yes, but horrible, no. I don't know what MacLean was trying to prove but this is not the time of year where you get into it with your star player, especially one that has a 15-year contract. Devils really went out and were inspired by that move!

    Sometimes, you just have to ride it out with a player who is necessary to your line-up. Gomez isn't contributing much offensively right now, but he isn't hurting the team defensively either (he's even), he kills penalties and can move the puck through the neutral zone with relative ease. You only sit a player like him if he starts costing you games through lack of effort, stupidity or defensive play, which Gomez is not. There is absolutely NO REASON for JM to do this. The team overall is playing well, and, they are just coming off a shut-out. Messages don't need to be sent, and if they do it should handled internally.

    People need to come to terms with the fact that Gomez is who he is. Yes, he has a ridiculous $8 million contract and a huge cap hit, but those are things which the Habs organization obviously thought they could live with. Gomez will likely end up with 60 points this year just like he did last year and the year before that.

    I see no reason to change the Habs line-up right now except for the Darche/Boyd/Pyatt trio and Picard/OB on defense to get them all playing time and ensure they are not sitting too long.



  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 19:40:29)

    We miss Gill. It's noticeable in all the open ice Crosby is getting right now.

  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 19:13:44)

    I'm oddly calm about tonight's game. If we win then fantastic, bring on game 7! But, if we lose I hope the crowd gives the boys a grand ovation at the end. This has been a great run all ready. There is grit, talent, leadership & character on this team. We need to fill a few holes upfront but I like this core. Our defense is solid. PK Subban is a blue chip prospect. Gorges has out done himself, which I didn't think possible. We have two outstanding young goaltenders. This summer I really hope we are able to build on what we have here. BG was right to sweep out last year's core. This one's is younger, faster & more determined.




    GO HABSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I'm with you win or lose!

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-11 12:14:18)

    Really, really happy about Pouliot's game last night. I was starting to worry about him but he proved to me last night that (a) he does have heart and (b) he shows up for the big games. He should've had a goal last night. He was staring at a wide open net and only had to re-direct the puck into it but somehow shovelled it into Giguere.

    We should've creamed the Leafs last night. Overall the team played well but Jaro was not good. 2 bad goals: the 1st one and the 3rd one. I'm a little worried about Jaro now. He was awful in the 3rd period of the Bronze medal game and hasn't been his super self in the three games where all we needed was a point. Last night was a not a good night for him.

    I'm also not too happy he was a no show in the dressing room. He should have been there win or lose. Halak wanted to be a #1 and now he is. The pressure and expectations are different over that of being the back-up. Price has lived with those pressures and expectations now it's Halak's turn.

    We'll see how things turn from here but I have to think based on the last few games, but especially the Leafs' game, Halak may have a short leash in the playoffs, especially if we play Washington. Price has always played well against the Capitals.

    Glad we're there even if it is only for one round. April without playoff hockey just sucks.



  • Comment on Here’s how Habs can clinch spot tonight (2010-04-05 20:08:37)

    Cool. We MUST beat the Isles because I think Buffalo will beat the Rangers. Let's get this thing done as quickly as possible. I can't see the Habs taking the Isles lightly, also considering the Habs are a good road team I think the Habs take it. Another shut-out for Halak? I'm not calling it. 3-1 Habs.

  • Comment on Book your tee time (2010-03-31 19:50:32)

    Very, very worried. Yes we're dominating but we dominated Buffalo too. Canes only need one break and it's all tied up. Go HABS!!!