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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 08:14:15)
    Out coached is what I see. How can you have Bournival playing top six minutes?? Boston must be saying the same. Desharnais and Gallagher together on the top line against the Bruins cannot work. Weise would be a better fit on the second line and put Vanek back with Pacioretty, this is why he was picked up. Vanek just doesn't work with Plekenacs. Briere should center the fourth line, his touch is needed, we can't score right now. Here's how I see it. Therien blew last game, Bournival works his tail off but we need higher talent on that line. Vanek DD Patch Wiese Eller Gallagher Gionta Pleks Bourque Moen Briere Prust or Give White a Chance if Prust is hurt Gio has to play third line, period. Pleks should be demoted. Give Eller a shot. Wiese deserves a promotion, he's scored two huge goals, can skate, and go to the net. Vanek is dead with Pleks. Briere is needed with his puck skills. MT blew game five, I wonder if MB will have questions for him. As soon as I saw Bournival on second line, I knew we were toast. A rookie playing second line minutes in the biggest game of the year, come on man. It's like watching Darche all over again. Brutal.
  • Comment on Habs get day off Sunday in drive to playoffs; Plekanec to rejoin team (2014-03-30 18:36:59)
    Certainly, he's done a good job. However, he's made some head scratching decisions such as starting Vanek on the second line with Gionta. It has been clear for awhile that Gio is no longer a top six player. Sometimes his loyalty gets in the way of his decisions. Which, I supposed, is not all bad. Thank-god he figured it out when he did. The top line has completely transformed the team. Bergevin has too good players to pick from for a seventh defensemen next year--that being Murray and Weaver.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-28 10:40:08)
    I actually forgot what it was like to have a true number one line. A line that can score on any shift, and make opponents look bad. Picking up Vanek was huge, and I mean huge. What it has done is solidify the third line by allowing Gionta to play against opponents he can handle. The guy is a third line player now, nothing against him, because he's an excellent third line player. The last time the Habs made a trade that had this much affect on the entire line-up was picking up Dominic Moore, he solidified the third line centre position and we all saw what happened that year in the playoffs. I know, I know, Halak had a lot to do with it, but we rolled four lines, Moore scored the game seven winner. Vanek has had this result, and with the help of added depth on the fourth line. Lets be honest, you lose two of your three guys from the fourth line who had been playing remarkably well over a stretch, and given the team some actual muscle and energy for the first time this year, and as a coach you can insert two new players, with different identities and still have a positive impact. That's where Bergevin has done his best work. Picking up Wiese was brilliant. If we can't sign Vanek, and I seriously hope we can, we need a Vanek type clone for the top line. But lets just enjoy it now, DD must be pinching himself when he looks to one side and sees Patches, the other side has Vanek. Two big guys who have rockets for shots, can skate, and in Vaneks case can pass as well as anyone. It's fun watching again.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-26 10:27:13)
    Actually, they have always tried to work the puck down low--but it's not to feed the slot--its to open up the point. However, until they picked up Vanek, they didn't have the horses to draw attention down low as teams realized the only weapon we had was PK from the point. Now with Patch and Vanek working the side wall, we have something that resembles our number one PP with Kovy. Teams cannot give Vanek or Patch too much space because they can shoot, and in Vanek's case--pass. As Vanek and Patches bring the puck down low, teams have to adapt therefore opening up the points.
  • Comment on Audio: Habs make late deal to get Vanek from Islanders; Tokarski to start against Ducks (2014-03-05 16:23:59)
    Galchenyuk is not a third line player. He will be top six.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 09:39:35)
    Just a few thoughts. Beaulieau is a great skater, not sure why he's having such a difficult time with his edges in NHL rinks. Leblanc is not a great skater, and it baffles my mind how he hasn't had a power skating coach attempt to straighten him up a little to correct his flawed skating stride. Way too bent over at the hips, this type of stride actually slows you down instead of help you accelerate. These are adjustments teams make in ATOM. Why isn't this happening at the NHL level. Even the sad sack leafs hired a skating coach over the summer. I thought the Briere line with Bourque had a few moments that showed some life. And Bourque finally scored. I agree with being loyal, and the biggest reason Boullion is playing is loyalty from MT and MB, but wouldn't it make sense to give Tinordi a look right now. Lets be honest, winning in Hamilton doesn't matter, and saving Tinordi as a playoff call-up (which is what I expect) may not matter if we're not even in the playoffs. I would like to see Tinordi paired with someone like Gorges for stability....see what happens. I believe Markov should be traded at the deadline. This is another example of diminishing returns. This team unfortunately has a problem developing for the future given it's current roster of veterans are not stars anymore. We don't have a Thomas Vanek to trade that will bring in a first and second round pick. But what we do have is aging veterans past their prime. Realistically, what is Markov going to give us in the future. He's played great thus far, but he's old and slow. And he can't keep up in the physicality dept. He may come back next game and get a couple of assists, but if MB decides to sign him for three more years, which I believe is what it will take to keep him, it will be a mistake. Lets start some rebuilding without completing tearing the team apart. Markov and possibly Gio should be traded. I love Gio, but again, he's past his prime, and he may bring in something. Right now he's a third line player at best. Price is frustrated with the defensive play, no question. He sees the holes. Bring up Tinordi, play Emelin (let him watch the tape of that puke Kadri slipping the puck through his legs and explain how he should have taken the body, eyes on the middle of kadri's chest and decked him into the first row). Trade Markov for a first if you can get it, or someone younger. Trade Gio. Possibly trade Briere. Trade Bourque if you can.....this is doubtful. Be realistic of what we have here, an eighth place team.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-03 10:53:26)
    I just wanted to say I like what Murray brings to the back end. He wins puck battles and clears the front of the net. I really donèt care that he's not a "great" skater. He's doing what he was brought in to do. He's big, strong, I really like the guy.
  • Comment on Bourque will return to Habs’ lineup against Coyotes (2013-12-17 13:38:57)
    Eller not getting as much time as Desharnais is an absolute crime. The guy is sooo much better. Would not happen on any other team. DD may not make any other team in the league.
  • Comment on Tired Habs take a break to visit sick kids in hospitals (2013-12-17 10:26:51)
    Not to re-state the obvious but.... We are seeing the exact same result over the past few years. A team that is way to small is getting beat down and tired against bigger, stronger teams. We are seeing teams adjust to our PP by over playing the only two point men on the team that can create offense, and we not longer have a Kovalev down low who can create on his own. DD is getting wayyyyy to much PP time. I don't care if he is playing better. Christ almighty, I would eventually come out of a slump to if I got that much ice time with the best winger on the team. How do you think others feel about DD's TOI, when his numbers just don't warrant them? It's a numbers game, but what I fear is that he continually gets preferential treatment based on his heritage. I really don't care that he's a nice guy and everyone likes him. He simply doesn't deserve first line PP time. He can't win those battles along the boards that are necessary to keep position. Now, I'm not saying other players on our team will win "all" those battles, but nobody can convince me that Plekanecs shouldn't be on the first wave of the PP. Except in those situations where he's at the end of the shift. I don't agree with MT keeping lines together for the PP either, what's to say that Pleks wouldn't have more results given some time with Pacioretty for example?? This method is a little simplistic if you ask me--it's what atom coaches do simply to give equal playing time to all. I don't see Briere as being as ineffectual as others, I think he's better with the puck than DD, and he certainly should be given a chance to play PP with the teams best. I like a fourth line of White, Moen, and Prust. But...when things are not going, I mean three games should be enough, try something different. Give White a chance with some players. We all know what Moen and Prust have done with better linemates, and to some extent they've been effective. White deserves a carrot once in a while, especially when nobody is scoring anyway. Budaj has been great, the second goal last game however was not.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-08 08:58:55)
    Yup, you got it. DD cannot play in the NHL. He had one good year when Patches and Cole carried the mail. Teams adjusted. Period. He's a career AHL player, at best.